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50 Lakhs – movie review

Four ordinary boys... an extraordinary situation!


50 Lakhs movie

This movie 50 Lakhs – has an interesting plot, an interesting idea which could have been executed a little more seriously, and it could be a hit thriller of the present times. However 50 Lakhs is a good attempt by the director, done at a shoe-string budget.

It is all about five young friends in Hyderabad. These friends, four boys (Ramu, Shankar, Kumar, Vivek) and a girl (Aditi), are middle-class guys with middle-class aspirations.

While, now here in Mumbai, mafia don Irfan Khan (Pawan Malhotra) decides to shift operations to Dubai. Since international airports are under surveillance and borders sealed, he hatches a plan to get into a domestic flight in Hyderabad with the Home Minister, and from there is a plan set forth. This is where 50 Lakhs scores over other mediocre films.

Irfan decides to travel pretending to be somebody else, while four of his associates will hijack the flight and take it to Kathmandu in Nepal where the hijackers would allow all the passengers to leave, except the minister. The security forces, who would be concerned about the minister, would not bother about the freed passengers. Irfan, being one amongst them, would quietly slip away to Dubai.

Now to execute this plan and make it succeed, Irfan seeks to recruit four fresh boys, ones without police records.

But what eventually takes place is completely different. These four guys come face to face with the dreaded Irfan Khan. Initially the film appears slick and fast paced, but in the second half the director unduly takes cinematic liberties and makes the story dramatic and very filmy type.

The scenes between these four chaps and the don in the jungles are interesting, Director Chandrashekhar Yeleti tries his best, Dialogues are well-penned at places. Visuals and photography by Senthil Kumar K.K. are positive points of the movie. Pawan Malhotra’s talent is now being utilized and he has done a good hard days work.

What has happened here is that the director is halfway confused whether to turn it into an actual thriller or just serve it to the audience as a light entertainer.

CREDITS of 50 Lakhs –
Directed by – Chandrasekhar Yeleti
Story and Screenplay – Chandrasekhar
Cinematography by – Senthil Kumar K.K.
Assistant editor – Kunal Moitra
Playback Singer – Kunal Ganjawala

Cast of 50 Lakhs –
Mohit Chadha
Pavan Malhotra
Veerandra Chauhan
Janardhan Chowdary
Ashok Kumar

50 Lakhs hindi movie review