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Miss World America Washington Shree Saini – Beauty who is truly a golden hearted girl

Shree Saini - Beauty with truly a golden heart

It is not just the beauty that makes a girl complete as she has also to be compassionate and talented person while being ambitious, gentle, humble, determined and dedicated to creating a positive impact. Here is the girl with a golden heart Shree Saini.

Shree Saini who has recently been crowned as Miss World America Washington, is a motivational speaker who overcame heart surgery for a pacemaker implant and survived facial burns from a car accident. She is an inspiration to millions and went to social media to share about her work with 6 new nonprofits.

Shree reached out to 200 families and inspired them to contribute to our youth. Her work was recognized by Kittitas County Youth Mentorship, whose mission is to help students develop their full potential, and guide them to make responsible decisions as a member of their community.

“I encourage you to think of how you can come to aid for others. Charity should not begin and end at our homes. I encourage you to think of how you can come to aid for others. Our world is one large family that needs sharing of love,” says Shree.

Shree is also an active volunteer with Georgettes, a volunteer organization that spearheads Making the “World’s Largest Cherry Pie”, which weighs about half a ton and serves more than 1,500 people. Shree joins Georgettes to do community service projects all year around in Grant County, Washington state.

“I’ve been doing administrative work for our town’s mentorship program. In total, I was able to reach out to 200 families and inspire them to contribute to our youth,” says Shree.

Shree was also given the “The Good Citizen Award” form the Thorp School district and its Superintendent and President Mr. Andrew Perkins.

During Covid-19, Shree was able to raise funds for these families and provide them with three months of groceries and supplies.

Shree Saini on a mission to create awareness on a number of pressing social issues through her organization, and through her website, Instagram @shreesaini and

“FOREVER and EVER grateful to all of my mentors. Thank you Mrs. Julia Morley, Mr. Eric Morley, Mr. Steve Douglas founder of Miss World for creating this international women empowerment organization 70 years ago,:” notes Shree

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