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Manisha Marzara mesmerizes with ‘Who Am I’

Manisha Marzara mesmerizes with 'Who Am I

Manisha Marzara makes an impression with her short film ‘Who Am I

‘Mumbai, 12 December 2018: Manisha Marzara, the face of several acclaimed festival movies like Munia, Live @ 5, Miyan Kal Aana (produced by Nawazuddin Siddiqui), Babuji Ek Ticket Bambai (alongside Rajpal Yadav) was seen once again in a transcendental role in Who Am I, directed by Raja Ram Mukerji. On similar lines of her previous works, Who Am I is also centered on a real life issue.

Raja Ram Mukerji, brother of actress Rani Mukerji, had planned a role like this for Manisha years ago, she says. “He told me he had something in the works that was perfect for me. And when he approached me years later, I knew this was the role I wanted to play.”

The short film, Who Am I, was held for a private screening at a theatre. The audiences at the screening were wowed by Manisha’s performance, how she portrayed her character on point. Her role was of a modern woman trying to grapple at everything – work life, home life and her dreams. “The woman in the movie is every one of us. Like a Goddess with 10 arms, we too are trying to multitask. This goes so unappreciated. The providers of everyone, women, are insulted and demeaned.”

When asked why she really went for the role, Manisha says, “We say we’ve changed, but the reality is still more or less the same. I wanted to shine a new light on it, some things are forgotten because people think they’ve become better.”

Winning Best Short Film at Canada Shorts – Canadian & International Short Film Festival, Virginia Spring Cinefast and Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival, you now can watch Who Am I, starring Manisha Marzara, on YouTube.

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