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MAASSAB is a favorite in Indian, Intl Film Festivals

Maassab poster

‘Maassab’ is a unique film which deals with the state of primary education in rural India, where the concept of mass education did not exist for centuries as education was only for the privileged. The title of the film ‘Maassab’ means teacher in colloquial north central rural India.

Many reformers, thinkers, teachers went about correcting this wrong and with democracy the speed of educating the masses grew manifold and so did number of schools both private and government.

Historically, Private enterprise treated education like a business, provided better facilities but charged exorbitantly too making education elitist and deprived the poor. Whereas Government schools lack quality teachers and have poor infrastructure and rampant corruption.

The protagonist is one such reformer who believes that education is like a universal treasure on which everyone has equal right and sets about to do whatever he can in his individual capacity and spread quality education even in small villages to make every underdog a winner.

‘Maassab’ produced by Purushottam studios and directed by South Star Aditya Om and starring Shiva Suryavanshi and Sheetal Singh is on a roll getting selected at prestigious film festivals abroad as well as all over India.

Surat boys Veeral Mistry and Lavan Gone have composed the music for the film for which they adapted lot of Indian and Bundelkhandi folk music.

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