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Krystle, Neha, Aditya the new-gen Bollywood celebrities gift themselves swanky new homes in Bandra, Andheri

Krystle D'Souza in her swanky new home

Low market rates and tax benefits encouraged the new generation Bollywood celebs like Krystle D’Souza, Neha Sharma and Aditya Narayan among others to invest in their new Luxury living experience in the centre of the city.

In between all the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bollywood celebrities took different ways to relax and self-love; among which was supporting each other or gifting luxurious apartments and cars to one self. The pandemic has not dented the appetite of billionaires for high-end deals in Mumbai, where celebrities have been buying real estate in upscale areas. Besides film stars, cricketers too bought premium properties in Mumbai to cash in on the stamp duty cut.

In the B-town world of Mumbai, if you are an A-list celebrity, Bandra is where your home must be, not anymore! Real estate experts and developers say that a growing number of new high-rises in Andheri West are attracting Bollywood celebrities to that area. Leading names in the real sector like Transcon Developers have projects here that allow home-buyers to customize their living space according to their taste. Luxury apartments in Andheri offer a breath-taking view of the sea, apart from the in-house aesthetic atmosphere.

Amid the COVID-19-induced lockdown, uncertain times resulted in a crippling effect on the world but somehow overcame very soon. But on the other hand, we have recently seen high-end investments made by the Bollywood celebrities. From procuring sea-facing apartments to investing in sky-high properties- Bollywood celebrity homes never fail to leave a striking mark on millennials and Gen-Z’s mind. Nonetheless, big names in Bollywood made the most of the opportunity as they came forward in the trying times of COVID-19 to close ultra-luxurious, big-ticket real estate deals. This in turn has contributed to the soaring boom in Mumbai’s luxury market.

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The big names from B-town who gifted a new abode for themselves and grabbed eyeballs in the year 2020 were Bollywood Singers Udit Narayan and his son Aditya Narayan, Bollywood Actress Neha Sharma and script writer Siddharth Dey. All of these and now Krystle have bought classy new apartments in a beautiful sea-facing high-rise Transcon Triumph at Andheri West.

After culmination of years of hard work, another celebrity who became a proud owner of a new house in the same project is TV actress Krystle D’Souza. She bought the apartment mainly because of the ‘beautiful’ view it offers. She spoke about the house, and how she wants to do it up. Krystle said that she has a vision for it, and needs to now connect with professionals who can realize her ideas. “I have a beautiful deck area, so I’m surely going to use that well for my coffee mornings and as my zoning space, And I have a lot of clothes and shoes and bags, so a nice space for that as well is what I have kept in mind. Also that she never really gave buying a house serious thought, but decided to make the investment after falling in love with her new apartment’s view. The pandemic gave her the time to actually do some R&D and figure out a nice place for herself.”

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