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‘Four Pillars of Basement is a Psycho Thriller’

Four Pillars of Basemant Upcoming

Though he has played the lead actor in Phir Ek Sazish, Bollywood Villa, Sarforshi which have already been released and met mediocre reception from the audience.

Dillzan Wadia humbly says, “This is my first fresh Big Film. I have put in more than 100 % in it. Yes, I have great expectations from my latest film FOUR PILLARS OF BASEMENT.

“I have seen those times when I didn’t have work and had to accept whatever was dished out to me. This is out and out a different film in terms of its story, direction and even my looks,” he said.

“We worked much on my looks, I had to look like a Security-in-Charge. I had to have the mannerisms of those guys who day-in-day-out perform their duties which makes our lives simpler and safer,” says Dillzan.

The story is by Rajan Safri Lucknowi. Dillzan was so impressed with it that for the last 2 years, he went around talking to several producers, read it out to them. The story hinges on the shoulder of the protagonist.

“We have put in more than the budget amount of time, money, efforts, shooting days and even post productions. Finally the P & A. Its promos have received positive hype from the people, and I really pray to God that I would not disappoint them,” reveals Dillzan .

Four Pillars of Basement is a one night story. It is a woman-oriented film. I play 2 different characters in the film. One is the guy who has escaped from the Asylum, the insane character while the other is that of a Security Guard.

The film is a psycho thriller that shows human frailties and capricious nature. The protagonist Samir is a conniving person. He works as a security officer in a mall and has a big crush on Riya who works in an office in that mall.

Samir has long been nurturing the desire to approach Riya. He has been tracking her since 4 years, knows everything about her, all the incidents that happened to her.

It is a New Years eve and he has decided to make his first move. The story takes a turn when his twin brother, a lunatic who has escaped the Mental Hospital arrives at the mall and this complicates everything.

The movie unfolds dramatically as the heroine is trapped in the basement and is unable to get out of it. It has conspiracy and suspense towards the end.

Four Pillars of Basement stars Dillzan Wadia, Bruna Abdullah, Aalya Singh, Shawar Ali, Zakir Hussain, Anant Jog, Imran Khan, Ehsan Khan and Shive Rindani.

Dillzan was tight lipped when asked whether the Security Guard saves the day for Riya.

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