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Cat Show and stray cats adoption drive by Feline Club of India and MARS Petcare

Feline Club of India, MARS Petcare's Championship Cat Show 2022

Feline Club of India (FCI) is proudly organizing a Cat Show on the 22nd May, 2022, at CIDCO Exhibition Center, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. This is the second show in Mumbai after the first one in 2019 which became the largest cat show in Asia.

“The show will have 3 international Judges judging the cats; pet lovers will get an opportunity to see more than 300 cats of various breeds like Persian, Bengal, Classic long hair, Exotic short hair, Maine coon, etc. FCI has also taken special efforts to give recognition to Indian stray cats and register the breed as ‘INDIMAU’, encouraging their participation in the shows as well.” said Saquib Pathan, President of Feline Club of India.

“This edition Feline Club of India in joint initiative with Whiskas will also have a special adoption zone, where local NGO’s, rescuers and cat feeders will help people with adopting cats from them” informed Vasudha Jha, Corporate Affairs, Director, Mars Petcare.

How far can a father go… for his daughter’s happiness?

Vasudha Jha further added, “The purpose of this event is to create enthusiasm and excitement among cat parents, get quality time with their feline companions and capture the best moments with them.”

The state of Pet Homelessness index released in November 2021 by MARS Petcare found that there were 91 lakh homeless cats in India as per conservative estimates. The Whiskas Mega Adoption Drive to be held at the event aims to find loving homes for as many furry companions as possible.

The exhibition hall with 5000 sq.m will have more than 50 stalls of major pet related companies like food, accessories and services with special discounts and offers to visitors. School students will have free entry as we believe they are the future pet parents and inculcating the values at early age. Visitors can enjoy fun activities and interactive game as well, stated Saquib Pathan, President of Feline Club of India.

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