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Do your deeds in past life overshadow the present?

This week the show brings an interesting tale on karma and how it can affect the current life scenarios. Your deeds in past life … read more

Love is unconditional and often unaffected by one’s past, but at times past infidelity can create obstacles in the present relationship.

This is what Shannon, a DJ from Delhi, experienced after she met Arpit, an extremely simple guy. Shannon is a strong believer of horoscopes and astrology, and this is what created all the suspicion in her smooth sailing relationship with Arpit.

It all began when Shannon found a letter from Arpit’s ex-girlfriend in his wardrobe. When questioned about the same, Arpit brushed it off saying it was an old letter. The very next day, she accompanied her friend Arpita for her Past Life Regression session where she too decided to try it out, purely out of curiosity. During the process, Shannon saw that in her past life she was married in a middle class family in a small town. Her husband was not a very ambitious man, while Shannon was the opposite and longed for the good life. (Deeds in past life)

She learns that in her past she had been adulterous towards her husband and had cheated on him with the son of a wealthy man from their town. When she came out of her reverie, Shannon was certain that since she had been cheated in her past, she will have to bear the brunt of it in her present. Due to this belief, her behavior towards Arpit changed drastically. Shannon started nagging and doubting him all the time which made Arpit irritable. Things got worse and finally, succumbing to her insecurity, Shannon hired a private detective to spy on Arpit.

The detective showed her pictures of Arpit meeting with different females at various places which compelled her to confront him. What she learned upon the confrontation not only leaves Shannon shell shocked but also totally shattered. (Deeds in past life)

Witness Shannon’s fate, on ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, on Saturday, 26thOctober 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!

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