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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, movie review
Set on a lavish canvas about Royals residing in palaces and forts, this film directed by Sooraj R. Barjatya is strewed with goody characters preaching ethical ways of living a goody life. The family drama is about a dreamy world set in the era of Kingdoms and consisting of obedient sons, 'agyakari' women where Yuvraj Vijay Singh (Salman Khan) a prince of Pritampur, who is soon to be crowned as king and is engaged to princess Maithili (Sonam Kapoor). Does this awaken memories of Shammi Kapoor's 'Prince' or the much later Anil Kapoor's 'Rajkumar' and dozens of ficticious Raj Gharana Bollywood films. It seems doubtful if this concept would work in the present times of fast paced lives of people who manage to be in touch with their own families with difficulties. Anyways, our prince Vijay is ethical, upright and stubborn which makes him infamous within his own family which consists of his ....
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The Perfect Girl, hindi movie review
It is said that there is always a perfect girl sent in this world by the almighty, for every male. The destiny of every human is drafted well before we are born. Is it so? A 35 year old medical graduate is yet to come in terms with his life, his family and more so with his dad. Being the only son of his parents, they expect him to get settled in life now. Settled, in the sense that he ought to get married. This would be doctor has realized that it would have been better if he went into film making. The Perfect Girl begins with a spoof made by Jay (Teeshay) on the anti-smoking documentary film. It goes on to say how “pyaar” (love) can be detrimental to one’s life. A satire on the oft shown mandatory docu-film prior to the main screening about how tobacco is injurious to one’s health. Jay prefers to stay with his friend and one evening at his pal’s place, the talk abo ....
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PK - Hindi movie review
Its OMG! Oh My God revisited. PK is a satire on "God and godmen" with an unique narration, superb performances from the pivotal characters, yet is a lengthy film which stretches on the same issue of having called a 'Wrong Number' while seeking the almighty. The Managers of God have been again exposed in this film where an alien (resembling human race) comes to earth on his mission to survey the life and times of the inhibitants of this planet. It is not a futuristic or a sci-fi film, PK deals about the ordeals of the alien man who is clean hearted, doesn't tell lies, doesn't hurt anybody, has the ability to grasp the language within few hours of just holding hands of a human. Like the data being transferred from one hard disk to another. This person has the ability to adapt easily to the new surroundings. It beigns with a space ship hovering around the desert of Rajasthan, it lands an ....
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Purani Jeans
Friendship is like a pair of old jeans - the older it gets, the better it becomes - this is the belief that Purani Jeans is based on. Purani Jeans centres around Siddarth Ray (Tanuj Virwani) who learns this belief as he journeys from New York back to his hometown Kasauli, a small hill station in India, after 12 long years. The main hook of the film is friendship. Those unforgettable memories of old friends – somewhat similar to Rock On and Dil Chahta Hai, yet it appears fresh, courtesy the young, bubbly cast of this friendship flick. The film unfolds as a coming-of-age drama about a summer when Sidharth, his best friend Sam (Aditya Seal) and their gang of friends experience the agony & ecstasy of growing up, forming bonds of friendship, trust, jealousy, joy, envy & love. Though a bit unrealistic that the guy comes after 12 years from the US, to wind up everything in his home ....
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