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Rock On!!, movie review
Rock On!! is the story of 4 friends who want put together the greatest band this country has ever seen. They are in their early twenties, wild and carefree, and their main focus in life is about music and friendship. Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar), Joe Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal), Rob (Luke Kenny) and K.D.(Purab Kohli) together create the rock band 'Magik'. The film is about friendship and the passion for music. This group takes part on a competition for Indian Rock Bands where the winner will be offered a contract for an album and at least one music video. These guys need money for new instruments. What not they have to do to earn the money, even at times by playing old Hindi songs at random Dandiya parties! Their reluctance and helplessness is beautifully captured in close-ups. They win the competition, and while signing the contract, are forced to make a number of compromises. Now ....
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