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Bubble Gum – movie review

Bachpan ke woh unforgettable din


Bubble Gum - movie review

Bubble Gum is another refreshing blossoming teenage tale. It is set in the backdrop of the 80s in the city of Jamshedpur, India. A young teenager Vedant (Delzad) has a crush on Jenny. His parents do not appreciate this behavior, and this leads to changes in his relation with them. Bubble Gum movie review…

It is set in those days when modes of communication were still evolving, maybe the World Wide Web wasn’t even launched in the US, and so the mobiles and the internet weren’t even thought of. There was a time when letters – the snail mail and Airmail letters, telegrams and the old telephone (usually owned by the privileged few) used to be the only means of communication. It was the era of typewriters (a machine to type official letters before computers were introduced).

Parents Mukund and Sudha (Sachin Khedekar, Tanvi Azmi) get too engrossed with Vidur and leave a feeling of neglect in Vedant’s mind which only builds insecurity and anger in him. But after all the ups and downs and the twist and turns and battle against ugly circumstances to win his love, Vedant discovers the true meaning of life, love and his relationship with his loving & caring parents and a doting brother.

Coming back to the story, Vedant is a care free, angry young boy who finds ways and means to express himself to his world. He is torn between his parents, academic pressures and his first crush towards the very good-looking and attractive Jenny (Apoorva Arora) who is residing in the same colony.

Vedant’s parents played by Sachin Khedekar and Tanvi Azme are drawn up against him as regards this issue. Vedant also has a competitor in Ratan (Suraj Singh) who too resides in the colony. Vedant and Ratan try their best to woo Jenny.

As if he didn’t have enough complications to deal with, it is his brother Vidur (Sohail Lakhani) comes to their house to celebrate holi with the family. The issue becomes a little more complicated because Vidur is hearing-impaired.

Vedant and Vidur are in their teens and the brothers experience the coming-of-age pangs, as their parents try and cope with the dramatic psychological changes that typify the turbulent teens.

Vedant’s parents Mukund and Sudha get too engrossed in Vidur which leaves a feeling of insecurity in Vedant’s mind. Their relationships are strained and in such a period of turbulence, it is Vedant who discovers the true meaning of life and love, meaning of true relationship with his doting brother and loving parents.

First time director, Sanjivan Lal has come up with a life like storyline and the narrative is appealing. Delzad has come up with a surprisingly good performance and it is his scenes with the child actor Jenny which are appealing. Sachin Khedekar and Tanvi Azmi his parents have given a realistic performance. Sohail Lakhani as his hearing impaired brother is just outstanding.

The title is very apt for the film as it projects a subtle message Chewable! Malleable! Like a bubble gun, it swells with air when blown, and it’s stretchable. But beyond a point it breaks while creating a messy situation!.

Bubble Gum is a heart-warming simple and refreshing story that could makes the viewer nostalgic of the good old days. It may not be high on the entertainment quotient but has a fresh charm to it. It can be watched for the realistic feel it conveys.

Cast of Bubble Gum:
Vedant – Delzad
Jenny – Apurva Arora
Vidur – Sohail Lakhani
Father – Sachin Khedekar
Mother – Tanvi Azmi
Ratan – Suraj Singh
Virendra Saxena

Credits & Crew of Bubble Gum:
Banner – Koncept Infotenment
Producer – Sushma Kaul
Director – Sanjivan Lal
Music – Hanif Sheikh, Bapi, Tutul
Cinematography – Anshul Chobey
Editor – Suresh Pai
Sound – Manas Chaudhary
Bubble Gum – movie review