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Catch the Finale of PERMANENT ROOMMATES Season 2

Permanent Roommates Season 2 Finale

The Most Viewed Web Series in the World – PERMANENT ROOMMATES


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Saturday,June 25th,2016 — The much ​awaited season finale of TVF’s ‘Permanent Roommates’ Season 2 is finally ​here! Created in the iconic ​TVF model,Permanent Roommates struck an instant chord with audiences across the country and prominently in the Tier 2 cities. The success of Permanent Roommates, the country’s only web series that successfully ran for 2 seasons, with its 35 Million+ views, can be attributed to its progressive ideas, humor, it’s realistic, intelligent and great storyline and relatable characters in the protagonists, Mikesh and Tanya who have both contributed to this show being a story which everyone loves!​ 

What started as a modest sponsored video about two unusual lovers trying to find a place to rent in Mumbai, has now become the most watched web series in India and globally.​Tanya (Nidhi Singh) & Mikesh (Sumeet Vyas) return for the finale of India’s only web-series to have a date in Season 2. Season 1 of Permanent Roommates began in October 2014, telling the story of a couple living together before getting married. Season 2 featured an expanded star cast, with Asrani, Shiba Chaddha, Ayesha Raza and Darshan Jariwala. Launched on Valentine’s Day 2016, Permanent Roommates Season 2, driven by OLA, dealt with an even more mature theme: pre-marital pregnancy – as Tankesh geared up to get married.  

​​Arunabh Kumar, CEO and Founder of TVF saysThe 1st Web Series Created in India, is reaching a curtain call for its 2nd season & also has a record of being the 1st Web Series with its 2nd Season. It gives us immense sadness and pleasure to see the story of Mikesh & Tanya come to this stage, but If It’s a Finale, doesn’t mean it has to be an end, right ( Wink Wink). They are the Internet’s most loved couple who have struck a chord with the young Indians and taught them to live life with a dash of “Coooool”. 😀 PR Season 2 with Ola has become a part of Pop Culture now, with all drivers being called “Ola Wale Bhaiya”. The journey has been one hell of a ride like the fun filled drives of Tankesh in Ola-Shabnam​.

Biswapati Sarkar, Creative Director, TVF and Writer, Permanent Roommates, added , The response we have received for the finale for Permanent Roommates Season 2 is astounding. It feels great to see audience connect so well with two seemingly normal characters set in a real world and appreciate the simplicity and innocence of the story. This has been a roller-coaster season for us, and handling the complex material of pre-marital pregnancy followed by a miscarriage has been emotionally exhausting. It will be interesting to see them in the next chapter of their lives, probably once they have moved past their misfortune and have just settled back to their normal lives. We have developed a character for the last 2 seasons without revealing him once, so he might play a big role next time”.

With over 50 million views across Season 1 & 2 ​Permanent Roommates has been at the forefront of the web-series revolution in India, along with TVF’s popular web series about start-ups in India, TVF​Pitchers.

Permanent Roommates

In October 2014, TVF, the first company in the country in the area of Youth Entertainment to create Progressive and New-Age Content – pioneering a new genre of online entertainment– launched the country’s very first web series Permanent Roommates.

Permanent Roommates received global accolades and went on to become the most viewed branded web series in the world! It was listed among the highest rated TV Series in 2014 on IMDb.

To date, Permanent Roommates is the most watched web series in the WORLD with over 50 Million+ views, with every episode having more than a million views! And, is the only show after TVF Pitchers to feature in the IMDb Top 250 TV series in the world!

At the forefront the web series revolution with India’s two most successful releases, Permanent Roommates & Pitchers, with over 50 million views, The Viral Fever is India’s premier digital entertainment network. Founded by Arunabh Kumar, Creative Experiment Officer (CEO), the company is creating headlines globally and within India, revolutionising the way Indians access entertainment. Loved by India’s youth, TVF is a pioneer in the new genre of online entertainment, with a focus on progressive and new-age content.

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