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Asif Panjwani’s single ‘Humzubaa’n Ho Tum’ winning hearts worldwide

Asif Panjwani's single Humzubaa’n Ho Tum

Asif Panjwani is ruling hearts with his single ‘Humzubaa’n Ho Tum’

Asif Panjwani’s song ‘Humzubaa’n Ho Tum’ has received overwhelming response after it released worldwide.

While the song retains its first position, the digital world is in a flurry post the release of the song. From the lyrics to the romantic tune, the song has it all. The song has turned out to be an instant sensation amongst the youth.

Music Director Asif Panjwani is one of those composers who require little analysis. Every aspect of his oeuvre has already been examined and written about.

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This quest for melody in sound and avoiding excess in every aspect has also prompted this master musician to introduce new genres and songs to the audience. Driven compulsively to discover new sounds and meanings, he seems invincible.

Asif Panjwani competes only with himself, constantly resetting the rules of his own game.

The shy music director said, “I would like to thank all my fans who have been appreciating & loving the single. The song is extremely special to me & I am glad that people have loved it.”

Asif has taken care by not overdoing this quest for melody in sound, which is an indicator of the variety of genres being explored by this this master musician to introduce new genres and songs to the audience.

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