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As Maharashtra gears up for Unlock 1.0, Bablee Unlocks ‘1st Look’ !

Bablee Marathi

BABLEE overcomes Lockdown, gets ready to meet viewers !

While Maharashtra is being ‘unlocked’, the ‘first look’ of Bablee is also being ‘unlocked’!
Covid 19 pandemic paralysed the entire world. Fighting lockdowns, people and the entire film industry had to cool their heels at home. After almost three months there’s ray of home for the entire fraternity of entertainment industry as there’s a green signal for resuming shoots albeit restrictions. A lot of producers were thinking of future course of action and leading the lot is the producer Satish Samudre. The moment Unlock 1.0 was announced he decided to Unlock first look of his upcoming Marathi film ‘Bablee’. Though these are early days post lockdown and the risks involved to release films are high, producer Mr Samudre seems to a trendsetter leading the way. He surely will inspire other producers to follow suit.
In has been noticed and appreciated by one and sundry that Marathi films are content oriented. The variety of subjects and ideas handled here are unique and are beyond financial calculations. The rich content of Marathi films have inspired many Bollywood people to get associated with it. Years back Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee and Amitabh Bachchan starrer film ‘Bunty And Babli’  was released and it was a runaway hit, sequel of which is underway. But producer Satish Samudre’s film ‘Bablee’ has nothing to do with this Bollywood blockbuster. Only common thing could be the word ‘Blockbuster’ as the makers of ‘Bablee’ are confident of their new film will be the same. It’s being directed by Robert Megha and the director is confident of surprising the audience with the uniqueness of the subject and it’s treatment.
Shiva Rao is the cinematographer of ‘Bablee’ and Prakash Prabhakar is the music director. Prakash Prabhakar has also penned the songs which are sung by Swapnil Bandodkar, Mohammad Irfan and Vaishali Made.  Chetan Raghu Chaudhary is the co-producer of ‘Bablee’ and Pradip Kumar Verma is the co-director of ‘Bablee’ while it’s edited by Siddhesh Prabhu. The film’s executive producer is Yogesh Dagwar and songs are choreographed by Mayur Ahirrao. Costume designing is handled by Preeti Chaudhary and art direction by Kapil Joshi.
 Passion Movies Pvt. Ltd.’s presention ‘Bablee’ is expected to hit theatres soon, of course when they open.

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