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Sparkle Roll Media Launches New Sales Arm

Sparkle Roll Media Down to earch

BEIJING/HONG KONG, 12th March 2017 — Sparkle Roll Media launched a new Hong Kong-based international sales arm that will handle high-quality action films and high-profile Chinese-language films by acclaimed directors and top producers. The new venture will also handle all future Sparkle Roll Media productions.


Founded in 2014, Sparkle Roll Media is a leading Chinese media company based in Beijing and operates under the parent company Sparkle Roll Group, which owns the SR Jackie Chan Cinema chain.

With more than a decade of experience in managing the Jackie Chan brand and developing and producing films, Sparkle Roll Media has evolved into an international media company with integrated businesses in film financing, film production, film distribution and marketing, TV production, talent management, large-scale events and performances, and other related businesses.

Recent box-office hits include CZ12 (2012), Dragon Blade (2015), Railroad Tigers(2016) and Kung Fu Yoga (2017), all starring Jackie Chan.


Sparkle Roll Media also is excited to announce its latest lineup of three new films:


Jackie Chan: Down to Earth: A full-length documentary produced by JC Group International and Sparkle Roll Media Corporation, and directed by Sun Lin. Down to Earth explores the martial-arts legend’s five-decade career as an action-comedy megastar. Told in four chapters, the film dissects Chan’s unique eye for physical comedy, his complex action choreography, the ever-changing style of his films and the major impact those films have had on the history of world cinema.

The film reveals an intimate side of Chan that has never before been seen, featuring interviews with James Cameron, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brett Ratner, Lionel Richie, Stanley Tong, Owen Wilson, Chris Tucker and Jackie himself.


Bloom of Youth(original title: Fang Hua): Feng Xiaogang, one of China’s most commercially successful and critically acclaimed directors, is back with a gripping drama that follows the trials and tribulations of a Military Cultural Troupe in the 1970s, starring Huang Xuan (The Great Wall), Miao Miao, Zhong Chuxi (Hey Boys!), Yang Caiyu (Edge of Innocence), Li Xiaofeng (Love Is Not Blind), Wang Tianchen, Wang Keru and Sui Junzhuoma.

The young men and women in the group experience the joys of young love and life’s unpredictability as the world changes around them. The film is produced by Feng’s Zhejiang Dongyang Mayla Media Co., Ltd.


A Better Tomorrow 4: John Woo changed the face of action cinema in 1986 with A Better Tomorrow. Now, director Ding Sheng resurrects the spirit of that timeless, iconic classic with a brand-new chapter of the heroic bloodshed saga, starring Wang Kai (Railroad Tigers), Ray Ma (Ice Fantasy) and Talu Wang (Railroad Tigers, Our Times), about two brothers on opposite sides of the law.

A gangland betrayal, a botched drug deal, and a devastating family tragedy all lead to an emotional and riveting climax. The film is produced by Beijing Jingxi Culture & Tourism Co., Ltd.


Sparkle Roll Media’s new international sales arm is headed by Will Lin, who previously was with Fortissimo Films, and Andree Sham, who was with Hong Kong filmmaker Peter Ho-sun Chan’s We Distribution.

Veteran Hong Kong executive, Katherine Lee, who has more than 20 years sales experience, will serve as a consultant to the company. Lin and Sham will share the title of Director, International Sales, and will report to Joe Tam, Vice President of Sparkle Roll Media Culture Industry Development Limited and Sunny Sun, Vice President of Sparkle Roll Media Corporation.


“We are thrilled to introduce our new international sales arm, which further expands Sparkle Roll Media’s position as a leader in Chinese-language media and entertainment,” said Joe Tam. “The new sales group brings together a strong team with years of experience in the film industry, and they will play a crucial role in the growth of Sparkle Roll Media.”

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