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Arjun Mahajan – the most desirable newcomer in Bollywood

Arjun Mahajan March 2020

He is the ideal ‘Dream Boy’ of millions of girls. Arjun Mahajan, the name creates ripples in their hearts, and he is the tall, educated and a handsome hunk of their dreams!

Star TV witnessed a sharp jump in the TRPs immediately on the commencement of its most loved show ‘Raja Ki Aayegi Baarat” which also catapulted a handsome dude who captured this guy to rule the hearts of millions of these girls, housewives and women.

It is being said that these girls put aside their studies, the ladies forget their daily chores simply for the sake of quenching their thirst of having a single glance of this hero – Arjun Mahajan in their favorite Television serial.

What is more surprising is that this dude Arjun Mahajan has also created ripples in the Bollywood circles with his ‘out of this world’ looks and mesmerizing performances.

The youth across the nation yearned to own the products endorsed by Arjun Mahajan, be it the shampoo Head and Shoulders or the mobile phone endorsed by him.

It is this unprecedented craze and demand for this male model in the advertising and modelling field that has captured the hearts of the Indian youth. Be it the favorite Honda’s two wheeler or the dude quenching his thirst with Thumbs Up cola or the guy handing his Tata Indica car to his girl friend… the guy who is common in these endorsements is Arjun Mahajan.

Arjun’s magic is such that there were 2 competing Mobile companies who vied to portray him as their brand ambassador at the same time. This is unprecedented in the history of advertising and marketing.

It was not only the two mobile companies who were vying for the same male model, this one-up-manship was repeated in the case of two hot beverage companies signing up Arjun for their advertisements.

The stage is now set up as such that almost every multinational FMCG or electronics product manufacturer has decided upon this dude for endorsing their products.

Never before has the Media and Entertainment Industry seen such a tussle for a male model, be it for showcasing Arjun Mahajan for promoting Parker Pens as well as for Xolo, or be it for Frooti, their first and the only choice is Arjun… Arjun and only Arjun Mahajan.

Not to be left behind, the Bollywood industry also witnessed the crazy demand for Arjun with Aruna Iran’s productions vying for this dude for having him for a daily soap on the Television medium and now there are much audible whispers of this tall, smart and handsome hunk being signed up for several projects for the silver screen.

A single most prerequisite of an actor is his talent, which exists in abundance in Arjun. This firmly rooted youngster reveals the secret of his success,”The pillars of my success in this industry are my parents Renu Mahajan and Rajesh Mahajan without whose blessings I would have not reached this far. I am so lucky to have my father and mother’s upbringing and their guidance in my career that has brought me so far…. They are the light of my life!”

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