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Alina Rai to be seen in ‘Lucknow Junction’ and ‘Sorry I’m Late’

Alina Rai, the Kamaal Hai girl

This Beauty isn’t late at all for her debut in Bollywood. Aalina Rai who created a storm in the song KAMAAL HAI with Badshah, is entering the filmy town with two films signed up in her kitty. Who could forget this lass, who, most of the viewers mistake her for Katrina Kaif, but its the simplicity in her beauty that she posseses, Alina Rai is known for her tremendous beauty trends on all the social media platforms after the release of her song ‘Kamaal Hai’.

Her exotic appealing looks, the upfront ambitious model & actress has been trending on every social media platform ever since the Internet first saw her on the big screen!

Alina has gathered an audience of a whopping 118K followers on Instagram. The staggering number of followers on her social media and the engagement that is 4X more than what a Bollywood or a television celebrity has- is what makes her one of the biggest names on Indian social media.

Holding a penchant for acting, Alina will be seen in ‘Sorry I’m late’ opposite Mithun Chakraborty’s eldest son Mahaakshay Chakraborty and ‘Lucknow Junction’

Talking about her family background, Alina says “I shuttle between London and Mumbai. I belong to a simple family background where we don’t have any association with Bollywood. Films and music videos happened, I didn’t really see it coming”

Exploring her credentials Alina says “I am reading a lot of scripts right now. I don’t hold any qualms in being a glam doll but it should be relevant and not just to add the extra pinch of required glamour to a scene or a movie. Unlike others, I feel it is not an easy job to look glamorous all the time. As much as I have the hunger to do meaningful cinema I equally pose the thirst to essay a glamorous roll which is relevant”.

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