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Abhishek Kapoor appoints Creative Co.

Abhishek Kapoor is a Writer-Director, with three feature films to his credit. Each one of these bears his unique stamp of stylized yet sensitive narratives centered on the human experience, set against a backdrop of richly-textured scenes, which engage the viewer with their skillful touches.

The choosy Abhishek Kapoor has now appointed Creative Co. as his new brand management agency.

The journey of an underdog from struggles through salvation finds itself as a recurring theme in all his work. This is because he speaks to the audience from his heart, with emotions so raw and naked; they strike a chord and tug at the conscience.

To do so, Abhishek delves deep within his personal journey from an Actor to Auteur, lined with early failures which he has overcome with grit and character that is truly inspiring. Abhishek made his directorial debut with ‘Aryan’ (2006), the story of a boxer and his travails to keep his head high above all odds, through the storms of love, life and everything else in-between as he attains self-actualization.

RockOn! (2008) proved to be the turning point. Welcomed as an absolute cult classic, RockOn! Set the audiences – and critics – on fire, and established Abhishek as a fresh, credible voice with an integrity and craftsmanship that opened their eyes to how the new-age Indian film could connect across all diaspora.

RockOn! Went on to win multiple awards in the year of its release, including the Filmfare Award for Best Story for Abhishek as well as the prestigious National Award awarded by the President of India for outstanding artistic contribution towards cinema.

Abhishek returns to form with ‘KaiPoChe’ (February 2013), portraying the dramatic turns of events impacting the lives and times of a tightly-knit group of friends, set in small- town India. This is mature story-telling as the Director moves out if his comfort zone to bring to life this complex and non-linear drama. All eyes were on Abhishek as he embarked on more milestones with his newest and most challenging work, being official chosen to premiere in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival.

Adapted for the screen from a best-selling book, ‘KaiPoChe’ has already been acclaimed as one of the most successful and well directed films for the year.

A distinguishing feature of Abhishek’s films is the immense talent pool across acting and technical spheres that has been nurtured by him to don the responsibilities across their respective domains – and which has delivered beyond its promise.

Abhishek has promoted Mercury International Pictures, a content development film enterprise, to foster cinematic stories that will bear his unique Directional touch and offer budding talent a fitting showcase to the art.

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