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Gujarat's Chandni Vegad enters Bollywood as a singer

From the sleepy Kathiawad district of Gujarat, a former Senior Civil Judge’s daughter Chandni Vegad makes debut as a singer in Bollywood with her melodious and husky voice which she rendered for a song in the upcoming Bollywood flick Living Relation, that is produced by Ashish Gajera and Sonal and directed by Arman Zahidi. India has a host of talented…

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Haami sequel announced

Announcing that new talent will be added along with Shibhoprasad Mukherjee and Broto Banerjee in Haami 2, Nandita Roy and Shibhoprasad Mukherjee formally announced the sequel to their super hit tale of two friends and the ups and downs in their relationship. It was in 2018 that Nandita Roy and Shibhoprasad Mukherjee’s innocent and refreshing tale headlined by child actors…

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Sikander Kher as Rama Shetty in Mum Bhai

Doon School student and then a student of National School of Drama, Sikandar Kher feels that playing the character of Rama Shetty in the recently released online crime drama Mum Bhai with its typical attributes that of a moustache, tan and adorning a lungi will remain close to his heart for a very long time. Having indulging in a splurge…

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