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Vageesh Saraswat turns filmmaker for Marathi film – Kamchor

Dr. Vageesh Saraswat

Renowned poet & satirist Dr Vageesh Saraswat turns filmmaker for Marathi film – Kamchor

Marathi literary world has witnessed the great works of poet & satirist  Vageesh Saraswat .

And now it’s time for the Marathi Cine World to gear up for some amazing piece of Cinema through Marathi film – Kamchor. Dr. Vageesh Saraswat has turned writer, director & producer for this film which will focus on social issues in a humorous way.

Though this is Saraswat’s debut in films, he confidently says, “For me Kamchor is a poetry which will explore social & psychological issues.” He further added on selecting Marathi as the medium to express his thoughts through Kamchor.

He adds, “I feel only Marathi films deliver quality at par with international cinema. Marathi is a very rich language. These days, Hindi movies only know to entertain the audience.”

Kamchor will be produced under the banner of Filmoniya Productions.

Music is by Yug Bhusal & lyrics by Shailesh Gaikwad. Dudhni, Udhva Silvassa, Daman Ganga are some of the locations where the movie will be shot. Siya Patil, Priya Shinde, Mihit Jouhari, Trupti Birvadkar, Shilpa Das, Vidushi Kadaam & Ruchi Tiwari will be seen in Kamchor.

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