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Traffic constable thanks Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

The second season of Aamir Khan’s TV show, which brings lesser-discussed social issues to the audience’s drawing rooms, has got a favorable response from the viewers.

The second season has bought out even bigger response that too by the police officials.

The second episode Aamir did dealt with the problems faced by the Police system in our country. He went through every nuances of the problem of day to day life of a police officer.

After the episode went on air Aamir got a lot of congratulatory messages from police force.

Right from the constables to high ranking officers every one had a thanking message for Aamir Khan.

Recently, when Aamir was driving through the city,  one of the traffic constables came to him at the signal and spoke to him about the great gesture the actor made for them.  He even said to the actor that it is perhaps the first time someone has understood them and their working conditions.

When we all blame the police system to be bad and laid back the actor made it a point to bring out the problem they face.

Spokesperson of the actor confirms the news and adds, “Aamir is humbled by the messages he has been getting from the police official. He was very pleased by the encounter he had with the traffic police official too.”

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