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‘Tarpan’ is a social drama, high on emotions: Neelam R Singh

Tarpan - movie still

‘Tarpan’ screened at LIFFT India Filmotsav and Cine Fest 2018

12th Dec 2018 : The upcoming hindi fiction film ‘Tarpan’ got screened at LIFFT India Filmotsav and Cine Fest 2018 on 10th December ,2018. ‘Tarpan’ is the debut directorial project of Neelam R Singh and the event was by attended by Neelam R Singh along with her daughter.
The film is a social drama , schedule to release in February 2019.

The word ‘TARPAN’ is derived from the root word ‘Trupt’ meaning to satisfy others. Tarpan literally means offering water to God. Tarpan deals with the sensitive subject of caste discrimination and sacrifice. A young Rajpatiya girl  of lower caste is molested by a Brahmin, upper-caste boy Chander. The issue quickly gets political mileage and predictably, Chander gets bail and other benefits that accompany lack of witness in the case. The girl’s brother, in the process of saving the life of local politician, hits Chander. He is convinced by the local politician to slice off the nose of the boy which will be an ultimate revenge. Girl’s brother got provoked and slices off the nose of Chander but the girl’s father claims responsibility and accepts the blame of slicing off the nose of the accused. It’s a significant event where a Dalit has taken classic revenge.

Though the father pretends that he is saving his son. He actually chases the glory of getting his name mentioned in the newspapers and being the pioneer who engineered the plot to slice off the nose of the accused and successfully executed it.

The father claims that it is his Tarpan, his offering to his previous generations who have suffered for no fault of theirs.

The film is produced by Mimesis Media , presented by Indervesh Yogee and is directed by Neelam R Singh.

Tarpan is written by Shivmurtri. The music is rendered by Manoj Nayan and lyrics by Rakesh Nirala. Shooting of the film has almost been completed at Raipur village in the Uttar Pradesh. The film stars Nand Kishore Pant, Sanjay Kumar, Arun Shekhar, Rahul Chauhan, Poonam Ingle, Nilam Kumari, Vandana Asthana, Padamja Rai and Lalit Jogi.

Director Neelam R Singh says, “It is a huge achievement that my debut directional film got screened at LIFFT. As a debutant director I learnt a lot of things and the cast and crew had also supported enough. Shivmurti has written a beautiful story for which I am able to get perfect expression and emotions from the cast to portray it on the screen. My film Tarpan is a social drama which is high in emotions and to depict the story through expressions is quite challenging.”

“I am really looking forward for its release in the theatres and hope audience will like and appreciate my work,” she hopes.

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