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Taptapadi – Marathi Film Review

Taptapadi - Marathi film review
Taptapadi – directed by Sachin Nagaroje is set in the pre-independence era in India.It is based on a short story by Rabindranath Tagore’s Drushtidaan.

The film explores the relationship of a Maharashtrian couple during the time when British ruled India.

Debutant director Sachin Nagaroje brings this story of the noted playwright in a simple lucid form. It is emotional, moving story of a young village girl Meera (Veena Jamkar) who lost her mother since her very young age.

Brought up by her aunty, she forms a close bond with her cousin Madhav (Kashyap Parulekar) who grows up to study medicine.

Meera grows up with fondness for Madhav, which turns into love and they get married. Madhav is studying Medicing in Poona (now refered to as Pune).

Right from her childhood she had a problem with her eyes, and now it required urgent treatment. Madhav uses his knowledge on Medicine, prescribes a set of medicines and treatment for her. Meera religiously follows the treatment and the medicines which happen to turn out to be detrimental to her eyesight.

It is Madhav’s pride and ego that he insists that his wife follow his treatment only, the consequences of which results on the wife on the verge of losing her eyesight for life.

Veena Jamkar is so convincing as Meera that one feels for her throughout the film. Poor lady. Kashyap Parulekar is fine in his debut film.

It is to Nagaroje’s credit that he has presented some hard hitting scenes in a subtle yet being touchy. One of the most impressive performance is from the Ambarish Deshpande who plays the freedom-fighter and Meera’s brother who is helpless while convincing his sister to take proper medical treatment for the eyes, and then he witnesses her losing her eyesight despite taking her to a senior practicing doctor.

For a director making his debut, it is a great feat to be able to present an high-on-emotion drama so perfectly on the celluloid.

Directed By
Sachin Baliram Nagargoje
Writing Credits
Sachin Baliram Nagargoje                  Screenplay & Dialogue
Madhugandha Kulkarni                                   Dialogue Writer
Samar Nakhate                                              Creative Consultant
Vaibhav Joshi                                     Lyricist
Veena Jamkar                                                Meera Tamhankar
Kashyap Parulekar                             Madhav Tamhankar
Shruti Marathe                                                Sunanda Kamat
Neena Kulkarni                                               Durvatya
Sharad Ponkshe                                             Appa Tamhankar
Ashwini Ekbote                                               Pramila Tamhankar
Ambarish Deshpande                         Vinayak Ranade
Rahul Vaidya                                      Vitthal Ranade
Neha Balm                                          Laxmi Ranade
Madhura Navade                                Child Meera
Vedant Kulkarni                                              Child Madhav


Prem Kulkarni                                                 Child Vinayak
Produced By
Hemant Bhailal bhavsar                Producer
Sachin Baliram Nagargoje                        Producer
Original Music and Background Score
Sumeet Bellari                                             Music & Background Score
Rohit Nagbhide                                Music Director
Film Editing By
Sanjiv Gill                                          Editor
Art Direction By
Devdas Bhandare
Cinematography By
Santosh Swarnakar
Costumes Designed By
Rahim Sahikh
Dhanashree Tiwrekar
Makeup Department
Amit Mhatre                                      Makeup Designer
Avdhoot Raut                                               Makeup Artist
Vicky Shah                                       Makeup Artist
Bharti Mane                                      Key Hair Stylist
Deepali Babde                                             Hair Stylist
Production Management
Yogen Nair                                        Production Manager
Krishna Jadhav                                Production Manager
Raj Podala                                        Production manager
Akash Satpute                                              Assistant production Manager
Kalyan Latpate                                             Assistant Production Manager
Associate Director or Assistant Director
Deepak Patil                                                 Associate Director
Sanjiv Gill                                          Chief Assistant Director
Nutan Singh                                     First Assistant Director
Tejashree Joshi                               Second Assistant Director
Dhanashree Tiwrekar                                 Third Assistant Director

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