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Tamasha success party

Imtiaz Ali’s Ranbir – Deepika starrer, Tamasha, that was released recently has been garnering a lot of love and appreciation from the audiences at large.   With the unique concept, powerful performances from Ranbir – Deepika, gluing music and the strong pre release buzz has led to the film performing very well at the box office with growth each day.…

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Tamasha - Movie Review
Create your own myth, choose your own story. This is what the director tells us through Tamasha which has Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in love with each other. We have a fairy-tale romance of Ranbir and Deepika's love story with the backdrop of picturesque Corsica bistros, dreamy countryside, sparkling blue waters. This could go down as one of the most complex love stories woven by Imtiaz Ali. ‘Tamasha’ tell you that one doesn't need to be satisfied with the stories that one hears around. Ved Vardhan Sahni (Ranbir Kapoor) is enchanted by stories, who grows up hearing them and expresses himself by performing them. Ved is a dreamer. A free spirited person who wants everybody around him to be happy. An average guy, he is a nomad, going out of his way to please people. We get to see the three stages of a boy growing up – as a nine-year-old child, then a 19-year-old adolescent ....
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