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SUDIP PANDEY to debut in Bollywood with ‘V for VICTOR’

This debutante Bollywood actor is an Engineering Graduate from REC Bhopal (now referred to as Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology. After attaining Bachelors in Software Engineering, he went to the USA where he worked for few years, but that was diligent effort on my part, hence he could manage to save quite a bit for he always had that ambition to act in Bollywood Industry. ‘Here I am. I do not have any godfather in the industry,’ announces Sudip Pandey with pride.

Sudip Pandey speaks to Filmy Town about his Bollywood debut film V for VICTOR

What is the story about?
Victor is 22 Years old, Rich young Dreamer who lives in Kuala Lumpur with his family..
In the first turning point of the movie, He beats 3 goons who teased his beloved Piya. Later it is revealed that all the goons are Boxing champions. The Local Police realizes that if Victor can beat the champions without undergoing any training then he can become a boxing Champion himself if he takes proper training. They advise him to do so. It is mostly shot in Malaysia.

Go on please…
Indian Secret Agency contacts him and offers him to join the agency and help them to fight against terrorism. They make him aware of the LONE WOLF SYNDROME and how innocent people get radicalized and become terrorists… Patriotic Victor agrees to become an agent and start living a dual life… During his investigation he finds that Piya’s room-mate Jennie is a suspected terrorist’s accomplice.. Victor starts chasing her. He gets a big secret revealed from Jennie which helps to save hundreds of innocent lives..

What is the film V for Victor about?
For every single person, there’s always a cause that’s worth fighting for, whether physically or emotionally. V for Victor is the story of a Boxer who fights for his nation and his IDENTITY….

But that is a generalized statement. Could you explain more in detail?
Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting… The movie depicts how Victor, an Indian Boxer gets trapped into the dark side of the boxing sports, loses everything… He cries & shed tears for a moment, then gets up and fights again because he knows that the difference between Success and failure is not giving up… He is the real FIGHTER.

How does Victor land up in the boxing ring?
Once He fights with 3 ROWDIES and easily beat them all.. Later it transpires that they are not Normal Street Goons but Famous Boxing Champions.. This triggers an Idea in Cop that Victor should become a BOXER since he has so much strength. He is motivated by the Cop’s proposal as he feels that by doing so his Life will get the sense of purpose… He practices hard with full dedication and determination to become a Boxing champion.

You play a boxer in the film. Can you talk something about the preps?
Dharmendra Yadav the boxing coach who trained Vijender Singh for the Olympics coached me. I shall never forget those 3 months of rigorous training which also taught me several basics in life for example, nothing can be replaced by perseverance.

So it is a pacy espionage thriller. Right?
V for Victor has a thrilling pace which is nicely weaved with passion, patriotism and Boxing.. The intrigue and terrorism is very finely depicted in the screenplay and sequences of the movie.

The female lead opposite you is Pamela Mondal. Tell us something about her character.
Pamela Mondal plays Piya who is soul mate of Victor who is gorgeous, beautiful, naughty, independent, smart, loving, bubbly, humorous and runs a boutique. She loves Victor from the bottom of her heart and always supports him. She is completely unaware that her room-mate Jennie is involved in terrorist activities. She fights for Victor when he faces the worst phase of his life.

What about the other characters in the film?
Jaswinder Gardener is Soraya Mazid, an intelligent, alert, smart, dedicated and experienced Intelligence agent. She is working on a special mission related to Lone Wolf Syndrome and uses Victor for the fight against terrorism. She is compassionate and tries to save Victor when he is wrongly accused of the betting scandal.
Then there is Ruby Parihar who plays Journalist Sharon who too has a key role in the film. Also there are Sanghmitra Singh, Pradeep Sharma, Nasir Abdullah, Usha Bachhani, Shrikant Pratyush and Sanatan Modi among others.

What do you think is the highlight of the film.
It is the Cinematography and most of it is shot in Malaysia. The veteran director of photography S Pappu who is know for his films like RAM JANE, INTERNATIONAL KHILADI , KHILADI 420, BADMASH, SABSE BADA KHILADI, ANDOLAN, PANDAV,  IKKE PE IKKA, AMANAT, SOHNI MAHIWAL and many more.

What is the message conveyed by the film in brief?
To put it simply, I would quote, ‘He who is not Courageous enough to take Risks, will accomplish nothing in life’, said Muhammad Ali, the greatest Boxer ever. This is the one single message conveyed.

V for Victor produced by Sudip Pandey is expected to release in 2018.


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