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Siddhi Films – LENS QUEEN 2020 Calendar Launch

Lens Queen 2020 Calendar Launch

Launch of SIDDHI FILMS  Calendar – LENS QUEEN 2020 spearheaded by Sandeep Ingale

16th January, 2020 in Mumbai: – It’s getting hot in here! Desirable women, with toned bodies, looking like Goddess, defines one of the most awaited calendars for the year- LENS QUEEN 2020.

The smoking hot calendar features pages of beautiful, tall, appealing & gorgeous women wearing the best of designer wear & slaying their way from January to December.

LENS QUEEN 2020 has but one goal, one purpose, one destination: to portray women in the most glamorous, stylish, desirable & beautiful way.

Producer of LENS QUEEN 2020, Sandeep Ingale wanted to do something a bit different “Lens Queen 2020 is international in all aspects. From the models to their styling, photos everything screams International. We want to highlight girl power& encourage women to explore the best side of them. First of its kind in India, high fashion calendar to portray women as most glamorous, stylish and fashionable. From fresh faces to never seen before concepts to create illusion in your mind and heart”

You would know, why the temperature suddenly shot through the roof, and it wasn’t the weather for sure.

Producer- Sandeep Ingale; Photographer- Rohan Gandotra; Kapil Charaniya (Assistant); Fashion Director- Retesh Naroin; Casting- Siddhi Films | Vivek Goutam; Production Controller- Vivek Goutam; Production Manager- Uday Singh; Retesh’s Team- Sahil Pareek | Samya | Ishutosh Pandey | Rahul Kale; Creatives- Narendra Gupta; Makeup & Hair Stylist:- Karan Singh & Team (Neeraj Thakur | Soni | Riyo) PR -Picture N Kraft (Parul Chawla )

Models- Akanksha Sharda | Anaika Nair | Deepa Devendra |Shailja Sharma | Sneha Singh | Siddhi Ahuja| Shweta Srivastava | Sujata Baudh| Surabina Karki | Violina | Zaiinab

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