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“SARKAR HAAZIR HO” is a Fascinating Court-room Drama

Sarkar Hazir Ho movie still

Indian culture has been one of the oldest in the history of civilization of the world. Several eras came and went by, but the only individual that hasn’t changed is the woman.

There is always a special status of the woman in the history of mankind, be it during the Ramayana era or the Mahabharata period. Woman always played a significant part in each of the eras. If only Sita hadn’t crossed the ‘Laxmana Rekha’ and only if she had not humiliated Ravana, the conflict between Lord Rama and Ravana wouldn’t have taken place. So was the case in Mahabharata, only if Draupadi hadn’t rebuked Duryodhana saying, “The son of a blind father would tend to turn out almost like a blind person’, the battle of Pandavas and Kauravas wouldn’t have occurred.

Woman has always been a crucial character in all the eras gone by and in most of the cases she was the key reason for eruption of battles and wars in the history of mankind.

Cut to the present times in a progressive country like India, the present day woman has continued to be the mainstay of the current generation. It is this subject that Writer-Director Pandit Vyas has chosen for his film ‘SARKAR HAAZIR HO’ which has just received U/A Certificate from the Censor Board.

The film attracted controversy due to some erroneous reports in media about it being a story that directly attacks the present Shri Narendra Modiji’s government. But the fact is that ‘SARKAR HAAZIR HO’ is miles away from the politics of governance.

Presented by M M Gupta, ‘SARKAR HAAZIR HO’ is based on a couple of true events – the cruel and brazen incidents to have taken place in the recent times in India. Such events had shaken the foundations of culture and ideologies of the current generation.

The events shown in the beginning of the film are instantly connected by the audience to the occurrence of recent true events in the country.

To put it briefly, in one instance a sister insists on getting married to her brother (how the relationship came into form is explained in the film) and further, she tells her mother that she is bearing his child. The mother (played by Anupama Sharma) dejects the girl from doing so, but she fails. Even the mother led a miserable life herself, often getting married to several men in her life.

This leads to the murder of the girl (Karishma Kanwar who has enacted her ending scenes extremely well) and co-incidentally the domestic servant (N K Pant) too is murdered. The police have arrested the father and mother on the basis of circumstantial evidences pointing against them. After a long time in prison, the parents manage to get bail just before the court takes up the case.

When the case comes up for hearing in the court, it gives rise to a totally different aspect and a twist in the case. The public prosecutor (Amit Kumar) and defense lawyer (Arti Joshi) turned out to be college friends who were in love but they could not get married while in their young days. The defense lawyer is a widow now but the public prosecutor has still remained a bachelor and now secretly yearns to get married to her as she is single again in the present circumstances.

A powerful court-room drama ensues which carries a strong social message that forms the crux of the story of the film. This leads to heated debates between the lawyers of both sides with powerful performances that will wow the audience with its pinch of humor especially between the lawyers and the judge that entertains the viewer.

“Audiences have always loved interesting and engrossing court-room dramas,” says Pandit Vyas the Writer, Producer and director of ‘SARKAR HAAZIR HO’, adding, “these heated debates and one-upmanship between the lawyers generate audience interest and entertain the viewer.”

“For instance the films like ‘Kanoon’, ‘Yeh Raaste Hai Pyaar Ke’, ‘Ittefaq’, ‘Insaaf ka Tarazu’, ‘Damini’, ‘Waqt’ and several other courtroom dramas have always remained favorites among the audiences.

“My film ‘SARKAR HAAZIR HO’ releases on a grand scale all over India on 13 July,” announced Pandit Vyas. The film has Manoj Malhotra, Karishma Kanwar, Amit Kumar, Arti Joshi, Anupama Sharma, Prithvi Zutshi, Shashi Ranjan, Pooja Dikshit and Hemant Sharma in major roles. Cinematographer Heera Saroj, Executive Producer Harish Vyas and Sound Mixer Shaanu Seth are the technical credits of the film. Songs penned by Pandit Vyas are composed by music director N K Nandan.

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