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Saawan Kumar launches Charisma Aggarwal’s Brand Management firm

ESSEC Luxury Round Table Conference held in Mumbai

~ Building Global Brands: Lessons from Emerging Economies~

Soon after its inception in 1995, Socialite and Luxury Marketing specialist Charisma Aggarwal collaborated with Essec International Luxury Brand Management from Paris hosted an evening in the name of luxury at Hotel The Leela Palace Mumbai. Reputed personalities such as Dean Essec Paris Prof Ashok Som, Bollywood Director and Producer Sawant Kumar attended the luxury conference.

The 6th Luxury Round Table Conference the topic being Growing Luxury Customers in India: New frontiers in Automobiles, Hotels, Yachts, Private Jets.

The speakers discussed and debated about “Travel and Luxury Hospitality”, “Yacht Industry in India”, “Travelling Consumers”; “Art, Hotel and Travel” and Luxury Automobile & Private Jets”. The Round Table was attended by over 75 participants that included professionals from the Industry, Alumni, Bolywood celebrities and others.

The focus of the evening was to aid and connect growing luxury customers of India to the new frontiers in automobiles, hotels, yachts, private jets companies which have been developing interesting strategies to harness the market. While some are developing products for these markets; others have already launched special brands. Essec International Luxury Brand Management provides a platform for building a global brand and ensuring a strong presence in the domestic market.

Some key issues that were discussed at the Round Table were (a) Insights to make a Global brand (b) Global brands investing in local brands (c) Corporate strategy, philosophy and mindset to build and sustain the making of a global brand (d) Issues of Global Brands to survive and be a key player in emerging markets.

About Essec’s, International Luxury Brand Management: Since it was created in 1995, the MBA in International Luxury Brand Management has become the world leader in training managers for companies in this sector, and remains the only sector-specific MBA in International luxury brand management.

Its partnership with leading luxury brands and institutions enables it to provide top-level international management training for this ever-changing sector.

The MBA in International Luxury Brand Management provides ongoing career guidance and support to participants to help them find suitable positions after they graduate. On average, 70% of the students secure stable employment within four months of graduation, primarily in the following three industry segments: fragrances and cosmetics; watches and jewelry; fashion accessories.

About LaCharismaé, Über Luxé: It is a vehicle for collaborations & facilitation of international partnerships for distribution and positioning of Luxury Brands in Global Emerging Markets headed by Luxury marketing Specialist Charisma Aggarwal. They also represent International Education of Luxury and Brand Management Schools worldwide.

La Charismaé is an integrated platform to position and launch International Luxury Brands into niche and new potential markets; representation of High Net Worth Individuals that patronize these brands and products & hosting Über Luxé and respective diplomatic expressions where the brands are associated.

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