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Prarthana Behere, Rinku Rajguru in UK for Nitin Prakash Vaidya’s – Choomantar

Prarthana Behere, Rinku Rajguru in UK for shooting Choomantar

Producer of Gachchi, Naal and Mann Fakiraa, Nitin Prakash Vaidya is all geared up to finish his next feature film Choomantar, a bilingual in Marathi and Hindi. The film has Prarthana Behere and Rinku Rajguru who are currently in London playing pivotal characters in the film.

It has been over six months that everything had come to a halt since lockdown begun, while during this period people also looked out for venturing into different interests and alternative work. As the restrictions on lockdown got eased, people again got back to their work with more energy & motivation. Even our film industry began their work again to entertain the audience.

In the past few years, many Marathi films were shot in foreign countries, but in this difficult period of Covid, Marathi film did not step back and began its work. Nitin Prakash Vaidya who has produced films like ‘Gachchi’, ‘Naal’ and ‘Mann Fakiraa’ is back with his new Marathi film ‘Choomantar’ which will be a bilingual film starring Prarthana Behere, Rinku Rajguru, Suvrat Joshi, and Rishi Saxena. Sameer Joshi will be directing this multi-star film.

While speaking about Marathi films, producer Nitin Prakash Vaidya’s name is always top of the list for his amazing content. And talking about this film he said, “Shooting in this period is challenging. But if see the number of Covid-19 cases in foreign countries it is much less compared to our Maharashtra and India, so the risk is very less which is why I choose London. I have also done a lot of shooting here in the past. Our film unit is only of 20-25 people. Before heading towards London, for everyone’s safety, we also started the immunity boost up course as per my doctor’s guidance. Before leaving India each one of us did 3 Covid tests and after getting the negative result I did the work of visa and tickets. We also took Covid insurance and the use of sanitizer and mask is also followed. Risk and fear will be there but we will complete our shoot by following all the safety measures.”

Prarthana Behere had given some glimpse of this film to her fans by posting some pictures online. Talking about the film she said, “The changes and effects which corona virus has brought about in everyone’s lives were seen at the airport as the whole atmosphere was completely changed. All the safety measures were also been followed while in the plane, as I was the only passenger on the 3 seat row. Another benefit of shooting here is that people are less so social distancing is followed very well and the use of mask and sanitizer is also being done.”

Rinku Rajguru will also be seen in his film which will shot in Marathi & Hindi. “My journey from Mumbai to London was filled with excitement. It was good to see that all the safety measures being followed at both the airports & I will also follow safety measures everywhere,” said Rinku Rajguru.

Talking about the film’s shoot Suvrat Joshi said, “Shooting experience was very different in this current scenario. We all follow safety measures while shooting & free time as well. Our whole team is always traveling together as a group and we only have permission to travel from Hotel to set and set to Hotel so there is no risk and each one of us follows safety measures.”

Nitin Prakash Vaidya’s upcoming film ‘ Choomantar’ with this strong star cast will increase craze among fans.

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