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‘Neerja’ the film sets a benchmark with social marketing

Sonam Kapoor promotes the film Neerja

Neerja Bhanot was an ordinary 23 year old girl with an extraordinary soul. For this a group of likeminded individuals got together with their expertise and created the movie Neerja because this story needed to be told.

Neerja is a biopic drama on the life Neerja Bhanot played by Sonam Kapoor, directed by Ram Madhvani, produced by Fox Star Studios and Bling Unplugged.

It is the courageous story of a 23 year old girl – an air hostess – who lost her life while saving passengers from terrorists on board the hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 on 5th September 1986. Movie releases in theatres on 19th February 2016.

Neerja sets a benchmark with social marketing!

The who’s who of Bollywood have supported the Fear vs Neerja a social campaign initiated by the marketing team of Neerja.

The campaign has gone ahead to become a huge success whereby film marketing was integrated with a social message.

Refraining from gimmicky promotional means, the Neerja team has gone ahead to inspire and motivate people to unleash their inner fears and face challenging situations with courage.

The entire marketing campaign revolved around awarding, motivating and inspiring individuals to unleash their inner fears and exhibit courage.

The Neerja team primarily visited schools and colleges to spread this social message across young minds.

The most influential names in Bollywood like Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Huma Qureshi, Parineeti Chopra, Rajkumar Rao in addition to others have contributed to the campaign by voluntarily supporting the cause.

Shikha Kapur Chief Marketing Officer of Fox Star Studios says,”Neerja is a film that inspires – it provokes conversations, it asks you to dig deep to realise your most intrinsic fears and to confront them with a sense of innate courage . We wanted to communicate this core thought effectively through the marketing campaign to everybody out there. And what better than to ask celebrities – people who serve as heroes and icons for millions – to talk about their fears, what makes them vulnerable – on various social media platforms, thereby echoing the main sentiment of the film. This was the germination of the Fear vs Neerja campaign . We are incredibly thrilled that some of the biggest names in show business have come together and expressed their fears, giving the whole Fear vs Neerja an impetus that rings true with the spirit of the extraordinary hero she really was. Today at a time when the aspiring and constantly curious youth of India have moved to the digital avenues to consume content of various kinds, these short and topical videos is just the right fit to have an effective conversation with them.”


#fearvsneerja campaign has not only caught the eye-balls of fans but also renowned celebrities.
More than 35 celebrities have shared their stories of overcoming fear using the hashtag #fearvsneerja across all social media platforms
There are around 535 posts on Instagram about #fearvsneerja with more than 90 fan videos
The strength of the conversations around #Neerja has increased by 2% because of the campaign
The hashtag #FearVsNeerja trended in India for 2 hours on 7th Feb
The potential reach of the hashtag #fearvsneerja is 45 million
#fearvsneerja has also inspired audience to gain courage to fight against their fears in life.

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