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World Cupp 2011 – movie review

Antagonism for World Cupp 2011


World Cupp 2011, movie review

Backdrop of the film is sports. The film deals with the game of Cricket. Antagonism for World Cupp 2011, Indian team is going on and teams from different countries are participating. One of the very strong players is Ravi Indulkar from India. World Cupp 2011 movie review…

In the end of the last decade of the 20th century, a slow but sure dispute between the gangsters created roughness in the underworld.

Some very high profile people and businessmen were extorted, but the media covered these news extensively and the government took a strict action against the underworld.

And the braking impact was created when home minister R.R. Patil completely banned the dance bars in Mumbai.

In such conditions when circumstances were not so good. Then underworld centralized attention on sports as a source of making money, and they aimed the most glamorous game – Cricket.

Ravi Kapoor is playing the main lead as Captain Ravi Indulkar of the Indian Cricket Team. His four friends Rajpal, Hiten, Irfan and Balwinder, they fix a World Cupp Match held in 2009 against Pakistan with a bookie – Shobhan.

And then the twist as always, they are exposed by press reporter Balakrishnan. BICI bans the caoptain Ravi Indulkar and his four teammates for four years. Ravi’s girlfriend Soha (Manisha Chatterjee) also leaves him because of his deeds, and in the meanwhile Ravi also loses his dad.

The coach once again gives chance to Ravi and his four teammates after proving their patriotism to play for World Cupp 2011. Once again India faces its arch rival Pakistan in the final.

Everyone has a doubt in their mind and as we know history repeats itself. King of bookies Shobhan once again tries to fix the match with the help of Ravi. This time Ravi refuses his offer, in retaliation he kidnaps Ravi’s girlfriend Soha who is a Physiotherapist of Indian cricket team. As soon as Ravi comes to know about Soha’s kidnapping, he informs the home minister who then puts an encounter specialist on this job. The encounter specialist rescues Soha at the risk to his life. On the other hand Ravi is struggling to win the World Cupp 2011.

A nice thing about this film World Cupp 2011 is its decent intention with which it is made to uncover the invisible racket of match fixing. Unlike as in the film ‘Jannat’ where the subject was taken up in a commercial angle, there is a sincere attempt by Ravi Kapoor who goes deeper into the core of the issue which degrades the game of cricket in India.

Something not seen in Hindi films before, there are number of names taken in the film which resemble many real life characters that were in the news when the Indian team was passing through a disgraceful patch. Also more, we have a Bengali and a Sikh team member indicating resemblance to our dada and Bhajji in World Cupp 2011.

One thing more, it seems some serious ground work is done by the script writers on the finer details of the game.

About the performances, the lead actor-writer-director with a chocolate face – Ravi Kapoor is okay for his first film. Manisha Chatterjee, as his love interest, is just good looking and average in performance. Prem Chopra, Suresh Oberoi and Zakhir Hussain are fine in World Cupp 2011.

Cast of World Cupp 2011:
Ravi Kapoor – Ravi Indulkar
Manisha Chatterjee – Soha
Master Sagar – Sagar Indulkar
Prem Chopra – BICI Chairman
Suresh Oberoi – Coach
Smita Jayakar – Mrs Indulkar
Zakir Hussain – Bookie Shobhan
Vinit Sharma – Pujari
Ravindra S. Kale – Shetty
Shreyas Naydu – Rajan
Ehsaan Khan – Encounter Specialist
Fahim Choudhary – D
Saba Karim – Commentator
Nikhil Chopra – Commentator
K. B. Shukla – Sarkar
Aadesh Srivastava – Special Appearance
Kashmera Shah – Item Girl

Credits & Crew of World Cupp 2011:
Presenter – S.A. Gems Pvt. Ltd and Meeraa Punjabi
Producer – S. A. Gems Pvt. Ltd.
Co-Producer – Anand Chawla
Creative Director – Ashok Borkar
Director – Ravi Kapoor
Cinematography – Ashok Mehta
Music – Aadesh Shrivastava
Lyrics – Sameer
Associate Director – Zia Ur Rahman and Fahim Choudhary
Choreographer – Raju Khan
Campaign – Brainstorm
Story and Dialogues – Ravi Kapoor
VFX – Future Works
Lights – Ashok Mehta Visuals Pvt. Ltd
VFX Supervisor – Prerit Vyas and Abhishek
Editor – Chin2 Singh
Assistant Editor – Nitin,. Sahil and Rakesh
Hair Dresser – Abhishekh Rahurkar
Make Up – Anil Palande
Screenplay – Anzarul Haque
Legal Consultants – Himank Desai, Viral
Action Director – Hanif
Production Supervisors – Murari Dubey, Shekhar, Amit Choudhary
EP – Anil Kumar
Line Producer – Amit Motwani
World Cupp 2011, movie review