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Who’s There – movie review

Kaun hai Waha?


Who's There - movie review

Regional movies and TV serial actress Kallpana Mathur makes her debut in ‘Who’s There – Kaun Hai Wahaan’ – a scary suspense flick. Directed by Ejaz Ahmed the film is based on the basic concept of betrayal. It has contrasting shades of the lead actress Kalpana Mathur. Whos There – movie review…

It is about the dynamic graph of a romantic lover who later, reluctantly, marries the boy as per her parent’s wishes. As the newly wedded wife, she experiences encounters with haunting and scary elements.

Love is one of most passionate feelings within the spectrum of gifts of mother-nature. It is an emotion which has different shades, different colours.

Who’s there is the story about one such incident which takes place in the life of Muskaan and Jay. This film talks about the dark aspect of love – Fear.

A pretty girl Muskaan (Kalpana Mathur) is madly in love with Jay (Gagan Kang). Jay is so passionate about her that he is willing to end up his life if he doesn’t get her.

Things turn out differently. Jay is yet not established in his profession and in life and so Muskan’s parents look out for a decent, well established boy Sunny Malhotra (Rajbir Singh).

Sunny is a wealthy, established boy who is brought up by his maternal uncle and aunt (Mushtaque Khan and Upasna Singh). He is an ideal husband who would do everything in life to keep Muskan happy.

Here, as he could not get married to Muskan, Jay consumes poison and ends up his life.

One has to move ahead in life, and past incidents have to be left aside as bygones. So the newly married Muskan goes for honeymoon with her husband to a beautiful resort somewhere in Kerala. Like an ideal Indian woman, Muskan wants to bury her past and gives love and devotion to Sunny.

It turns out that the resort has no other tourists except the new wedded couple. They arrive in the evening and the spine-chilling eerie encounters begin to occur.

During the night, they hear screams, and on investigating further, Sunny stumbles upon a dead body of a man. Eerie things begin to occur and Sunny comes across the figure of the same man whose corpse he had seen.

Life becomes a nightmare for him as he sees the same person every other place. Whose image does he come across so often. They summon a priest who comes to the resort, but he is unable to help them out. The father backs off stating that things are beyond his reach.

Another twist occurs in the tale when there is a gang of rogues who attempt to kidnap Muskan. They are acting under orders from someone on the phone.

Sunny Malhotra and Gagan Kang have an impressive presence. Kalpana Mathur makes an unimpressive debut in hindi films. Rest of the cast is just average.

Whos there talks about the ‘ghost phenomenon’ and the element of the ‘spirited forces’ that sometimes make its uncanny presence felt. Towards the end it does have a spine chilling climax.

Cast of Whos There:
Rajbir Singh – Sunny Malhotra
Kalpana Mathur – Muskaan
Gagan Kang – Jai
Raja Hassan
Upasna Singh
Mushtaque Khan
Shahzad Khan
Hemant Birje
Arun Varma
Shashvi Sharma
Kishore Mahabole

Credits of Whos There:
Production Company: True Dreams
Screenplay & Direction: Ejaz Ahmed
Editor: Pranav Dhiwar
Writer: Shakir Shaikh
Director of Photography: Mohan Varma
Choreographer: Jojo Khan
Action: Akbar Sharif
Music: Dinu
Background Score: Saurabh Kalsi
Art Director: Jeevan Das
Production Controller: Mohammed Hamirka
Production Manager: Ramakant
Sound Designer: Prakash Bhatia
Whos There – movie review