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Wafaa – movie review

Rajesh Khanna disappoints in his comeback film


Wafaa, movie review

Amit Chopra (Rajesh Khanna) a rich old man gets married to a young air hostess Beena (Saara Khan). The marriage is unsuccessful as it turns out she was only after his money and gets involved in extra-marital affairs. Wafaa is a low budget movie with a steamy story line to keep the viewers interested. Wafaa movie review…

The Pakistani actress Saara Khan plays Beena, a 25 year old airhostess. She is beautiful, sensual and sexy. Her dreams are big. She always wanted wealth, fame and status. She is a dreamer, an achiever who can go to any extent. Even extent to marry a man twice her age – Amit Chopra.

The Pakistani actress in the movie is either gaudily dressed in certain scenes while, less and too provocatively dressed in rest of the scenes. Super Star Rajesh Khanna gets cozy with young Saara: He is seen doing lovemaking scenes with a young actress who is a sex-starved airhostess in this movie.

As the girl had married him not for love but for his money, soon she is having an affair with the driver, a man of her age. Beena plots her husband’s murder along with her lover for his property. But the whole plan boomerangs.

Harry (Sudesh Berry), a senior Police Officer in Thailand is given the task to solve a murder involving Mrs. Beena Chopra. He loves Guns and Women, yet Harry is a dynamic and honest man, respected by police force. A murder so unusual and mysterious, will he be truthful?

He is accompanied by most trusted man in CBI agent in Thailand – Mike (Tinu Anand). He is an honest and righteous Man. He is a man of principals. He is always been true to his to his duty. He loves challenges. Challenges of solving difficult and mysterious murders.

Together with his most trusted senior officer – Harry – he is about to face most unusual murder and mystery of his career

The movie Wafaa is directed by Rakesh Sawant and there is an item number by his sister Rakhi Sawant, though not flashing any skin this time around, yet there were all other women in the film parading around in their flimsies. Wafaa is about an ambitious woman gold-digger who marries a man twice her age. It lacks proper treatment of a nice theme like Abbas – Mustan’s Humraaz.

Rajesh Khanna is a highly respected veteran of over one hundred films. He ruled the silver screen in the 70s and 80s. He has won several awards in his roles of smooth and sensitive lover boy during his hey days. It’s a pity that he chose this film for his comeback. He is a big letdown and the film is a totally disappointing enterprise.

With Wafaa, Khanna sahab could lose a number of his wafaadar admirers.

Cast of Wafaa:
Amit Chopra – Rajesh Khanna
Beena – Sara Khan
Police Officer Harry – Sudesh Berry
CBI Agent – Tinnu Anand

Credits & Crew of Wafaa:
Director: Rakesh Sawant
Producer: Rajesh Agarwal , K. Aggarwal
Banner: True Life Production.
Written by: Salim Raza
Music Directors: Ravi Pawar , Sayed Ahmed
Story: Salim Raza.
Singers: Kalpana, Sanu, Pronali Chaliha, Mika Singh, Akruti Kakkar, Udit, Kailash, Aftab Hashmi Sabri, Hashim Sabri, Sunidhi, Rahul Vaidya, Cinematography: Yusuf Khan.
Audio on: Red & Yellow music.
Wafaa, movie review