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Vikalp – movie review

Her skill was her enemy


Vikalp, movie review

Vikalp is an action thriller which talks cyber crime, hacking and terrorism. The title – Vikalp, which means “an option” in English, is a film which could have been an edge-of-the-seat thriller, but it isn’t due to average editing and an amateurish attempt in direction. Vikalp movie review…

The film is about a docile, middle class girl from an orphanage, exceptionally talented Rishika Gandhi (Deepal Shaw) who is a sort of genius in the field of computer education. She works as a code developer in an established private IT (Information Technology) company in Mumbai.

There is a serious goof up and she has to resign from her job. This Marathi medium background girl experiences turbulent times in her personal life too when her boyfriend’s parents accuse her of using their son for seeking financial security.

The self respecting girl is humiliated and heart-broken. Rishika chooses the option available to her – to leave India and takes up the offer from a Bangkok-based software company.

She thought that her new assignment in Bangkok was a great refuge from all her troubles back home, but she was mistaken.

Within a couple of months, Rishika gets to realize that she is caught in the midst of a network of internet criminals and her services are being used as a hacker. She is caught in a trap as her passport too is in the hands of the company management, so there is no chance that she can escape.

Rishika’s troubles are compounded when she finds out that she is given a false identity of a criminal and that there is no one on her side to prove that she is the real Rishika Gandhi.

It is an impossible task for this apprehensive, shy & low on self esteem girl to win the battle. How Rishika wins over her inner and outer handicaps to tackle the greatest challenge of her life, using her skills, education and the will power is what leads to the climax of the story.

Having an interesting concept the first half has several fascinating moments in Vikalp, especially the initial sequences but in the post-interval portions, despite the twists in the tale, the screenplay just drags and seems just average and expected.

Vikalp is an average action packed thriller, shot on the streets and some outdoor locations of the tourist spot Bangkok.

Deepal Shaw manages to fit into the skin of the shy, talented IT professional. Akshay Singh does well, and Kranti Prakash Jha and Chetan feature in this film.

Cast of Vikalp:
Deepal Shaw – Rashika Gandhi / Priya Menon
Chetan Pandit – Rohan
Abhijeet Leheri – Soham Bakshi
Alok Nath – Indian Ambassador
Nirmal Pandey – Bose
Jyoti Joshi – Suzy
Pankaj Berry
Abhay Joshi
Onkar Shinde
Akshay Singh

Credits & Crew of Vikalp:
Director: Sachin P. Karande
Producer: Parmeshwar Vyas, Subhash Dudani, Keshar K. Shinde
Story/Writer: Vishal Vijay Kumar
Music: Dev Sikandar, Vijay Narayan
Background Music: Vijay Narayan
Sound: Ashfaque A Rentia. B K Chaturvedi
Lyrics: Kukku Prabhas, Dev Sikhdar
Cinematography: Surendra S. Phraswan
Editing: Mukesh Thakur
Action Direction: Firoz Boss
Choreography: Jayesh Pradhan
Art Department: Tejashree, Sheetal
Audiography: Suresh Nair
Playback Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Neera, Ashish Om, Shaan
Vikalp, movie review