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V – Telugu movie review

V for Victory


V - Telugu movie review

One of the smallest titles ever in Indian film Industry V the Telugu movie. We are compelled to review this Telugu movie released earlier this year. The film has a great narrative, its well acted and has an impressive screenplay.

V is billed as a psycho thriller of the year. But there is method in the madness as inspector Vivek Krishna (Sudheer Babu) finds out. There is also a love track of the cop with a murder researcher and book writer Apoorva ably played by Nivetha Thomas. The story that she is writing in uncannily close to the goings on and at one time the needle of suspicion also falls on her. But once it is clear she is not the one, she also helps in the investigation.

Its main antagonist – the killer is obscure in the first half but reveals himself with clues deliberately left behind as if taunting the inspector to get him if he can. The narrative is good, sequence of events that take place is logical.

The killer V for Vikramaditya (Nani in great form) is menacing till the time his identity is not known. Once the Identity is revealed it makes some sense in the murders that take place. The movie is well balanced between the murders committed by Vikramaditya and the back story for the reason for these murders.

Basically the movie V is an attack on the police and the justice system in our country. The aggrieved have no assurance that the justice will be served and thus they have to take things in their own hands.

V has excellent pace and the lead characters have acted well. The investigation is also shown in the right earnest and the back story about V’s wife player by the beautiful Aditi Rao Hyderi, has been carried well without going out of context. It is in the last reel that we come to know the exact reason for the antagonist’s outrage and then the dots connect. The meeting between the protagonist and the antagonist in the very end captures the essence of the story. The soundtrack of the movie is scored by Amit Trivedi.

Much of the movie has also been shot in Thailand for the climax. Nani is a Telugu superstar and has played the antagonist for the first time. Great viewing if you like good quality thrillers. The subtitles are in English and very clear and concise.


Cast of V (Telugu movie):
Sudheer Babu as DCP N Aditya
Nani as Yendluri Vishnu
Nivetha Thomas as Apoorva Ramanujan
Aditi Rao Hydari as Saheba

Credits of V (Telugu movie):
Production company – Sri Venkateswara Creations
Directed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti
Produced by Dil Raju, Sirish, Lakshman, Harshith Reddy
Written by Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Background Score – S. Thaman
Songs by Amit Trivedi
Cinematography – P. G. Vinda
Edited by Marthand K. Venkatesh
Running time – 140 minutes
Language – Telugu
Distributed by Amazon Prime Video

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