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Utt Pataang – movie review

An experimental comedy-thriller that’s engrossing


Utt Pataang, movie review

Vinay Pathak, an established name in the ‘small’ films circuit plays a double role in this thriller Utt Pataang directed by Srikanth V. Velagaleti. Utt Pataang starts quite promisingly and is a thrilling comedy flick about several incidents occurring during a night.

Utt Pataang isn’t a brainless comedy as the name suggests. Yet it has eccentric characters, nursing broken hearts and desperately longing for love.

The film is basically an account of happenings on one particular night. Ram (Vinay Pathak) is a 35-year-old ordinary guy from Mumbai who has been ditched by his rough and foul-mouthed lady love Sanjana (Mahie Gill)..

Nandu (Saurabh Shukla) is Ram’s friend a rather clueless, inept detective. While having dinner at a restaurant, Ram and Nandu meet Koyal (Mona Singh), a small-town girl who has been betrayed by her boyfriend. The cunning Nandu hooks up Ram with Koyal and sneaks away stealthily.

While Ram and Koyal, who are thrown together, and seek comfort in each other, Ram’s girlfriend Sanjana visits his house to pick her belongings. She is in for a shock. She finds her new boyfriend and a French obsessed gangster Lucky (Vinay Pathak in his second role) there.

A lost bag full of money is discovered and then we have these characters and their mutual interactions, showcasing the elements of lust, love, greed and crime in their contrasting personalities.

A series of events – comic, romantic, hot and thrilling, involving many phone calls, police, a huge sum of money and lots of chaos unfold as the characters are drawn into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse chase in Utt Pataang.

Vinay Pathak excels specifically in his role as a gangster and proves yet again that he’s a fantastic actor. Saurabh Shukla is exceptional all through. Mona Singh is refreshing in her comeback avatar.

Mahie Gill disappoints though she sizzles on the screen like a hot sexy-siren in the role of a con-woman but hasn’t got much to do other than giving uncaring looks and stares who just hams! Delnaaz Paul, Murli Sharma and Govind Namdeo appear for some time, and were wonderful.

Utt Pataang is an experimental comedy-gangster flick which needs your complete attention. If you miss a single moment, then you would miss out a vital sequence which would make the narrative thereafter difficult to decipher. This is one thrilling comic story where the entire drama takes place in a single night.

A typically different element of this film is that barring Vinay Pathak’s role where he is typecast as a simpleton, rest of them, including his gangster character, have either a crooked or a shady side to their personalities where each one is double crossing the other.

Cast of Utt Pataang:
Vinay Pathak – Ram / Lucky
Mahi Gill – Sanjana
Saurabh Shukla – Nandu
Mona Singh – Koel
Delnaz Paul – Nimmi
Sanjay Mishra
Brijendra Kala
Govind Namdeo
Murli Sharma

Credits & Crew of Utt Pataang:
Banner – Rash Productions
Director – Srikant Velagaleti
Producer – Aparna Joshi
Music Director – Shamir Tandon
Lyrics – Arun Kumar, Rohit Sharma
Story – Srikant Velagaleti
Screenplay – Saurabh Shukla, Srikant Velagaleti
Dialogue – Saurabh Shukla
Cinematographer – Arun Verma
Editor – Sankalp Meshram
Art Director – Tina Dharamsay
Background Music – Sanjoy Chowdhury
Playback Singers – Shaan, Toshi Raina, Ahan Shah
Media Relation – Aarti Salgaonkar, Perception Managers
Utt Pataang, movie review