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The Green Chic – movie review

Papa Tum Kaha ho? (Finding dad)


The Green Chic - movie review

The Green Chic is a Bollywood cartoon film which brings a whole new meaning to fun, family and friendship.

“The Green Chic… finding dad” is a film which depicts the pain faced by mute animals when they are separated from their families by man.

This 90 minutes animation film revolves around a Chiclet by the name Green Chic who is living happily with his family in the jungle. One day fate suddenly takes a turn and Chiclet’s mother is killed by a hunter. The Chiclet’s father in an attempt to save her, gets captivated by the hunder and is taken to Mumbai.

Heartbroken Chiclet gathers strength and with the blessings of his Guruji the Swan, he takes a vow to rescue his dad from the powerful clutches of the humans. His best friends – Ginger the monkey and Quacky the Duck join him in this journey from the jungle to the unknown city of Mumbai to complete this mission of finding his daddy.

How will they find Chiclet’s dad in this mega city?

Just then God answers their prayers. They come across Tom Hunt (Bhai) – a dog who takes on the mantle of locating Chiclet’s dad. This Tom Hunt has a fantastic network within the animals and a unitque sophisticated “surveilance system” through with the Bhai dog controls the entire animal world of Mumbai.

Will Chiclet be able to find his dad and save him from the clutches of the insensitive humane?

The Green Chic is a film about – will love for life find a place in every Human’s heart…

This film which is based on vegetarianism, has a small chicken travelling all the way from the jungle to the city in search of his dad. His journey from the forest to the city has several dramatic sequences filled with fun, friendship & adventure.
The Greenchic has 6 entertaining music tracks sung by the likes of Jagjit Singh, Hariharan, Kunal Ganjawala, Abhijeet Sawant & R Roy.

Watch this toon flick for seeing the transformation from the little yellow bird to the bold and daring Mumbaikar and for the message – be nice to animals.

The Green Chic is a film for those with a heart !!!

The Green Chic – Voices of
Shiv Jasani as Chiclet
Parshwa Shah as Ginger
Mohit Shah as Quacky
Aryan Shah as Lemon
Sidh Jhaveri as Baby Chiclet
Shanay Damani as Akshay Mehra

Credits & Crew of The Green Chic:
Banner – Koffee Break Pictures
Co-Producer – Apurva Shah
Executive Producer – Varun Gada
Conceived, written and directed by Sudhir Mehta
Lyricist: Sarim Momin, Ravi Chopra, Rajesh Roy, Dinesh Shailendra
Editor – Gaurav Meshram
Screenplay – Rishi Wadhwa, Kshitij Sheth
Dialogues – Rishi Wadhwa
Music – Laxmi Vasant, Rajesh Roy, Jayesh Gandhi, Anaamik
Background Music – Chandrashekhar
Animation by – Koffee Break Animation Studio
The Green Chic – movie review