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TAANASHAH – movie review

Dacoit crime thriller based on true events


Taanashah movie review

Chitrakoot and the surrounding dense forests have been realistically captured in TAANASHAH – the Dacoit film which is inspired by true events. It has also been critically acclaimed at several International Film Festivals. If you are the types who likes realistic cinema, then Taanashah is worth once a watch. It creatively captures the earth and soul of rural areas which still witness the oppression of the lower caste people.

Dilip Arya plays the protagonist Shiva whose father and sister are killed by the village Thakur, hence to avenge their death, Shiva kills the Thakur’s clan which leads to the police gunning for him. In his journey hiding from the cops, he comes in touch with a gang of dacoits.

Taanashah is loosely based on the life events of famous bandit Shiv Kumar Patel or Dadua. Shiv ruled the jungles of Bundelkhand uninterrupted for 28 and more years and by the time he was killed by STF in 2007, he had control over 14 MLA seats and he virtually decided who would rule UP next. The dreaded outlaw had evolved a powerful ecosystem with innumerable beneficiaries and no one dared go against him.

The dacoit Shiva is also revered by the village folk as he is like a village Robinhood. In the process, the local politician needs the dacoit’s help to win the election.

Then begins the game of betrayal and a web of politics and backstabbing.

Shot in real locations in Chitrakoot in UP, Mukesh Srivastava has written and produced this film that portrays the actual hinterland of India. Even today weapons are easily available in these places and one small mistake could erupt into rivalry in these ravines.

Taanashah is remarkable performances by Dilip Arya and the other cast is perfectly selected, while the protagonist Daddu carries the film entirely on his shoulders. Other memorable performances are from Vinod Nahardih playing the doctor and Pranay Narayan playing Inspector Jamal – very beautifully treading tracks from being an inept cop to a fearless one under the do or die Superintendent of Police.

Cast of Taanashah:
Dilip Arya – Shiva
Laura Mishra – Rama
Indraneel Bhattacharya – SP Ajay Sinha
Jeetendra Shastri – Raja Rangoli
Ravi Khanvilkar – Minister
Vinod Nahardih – Doctor
Manoj Joshi – Sukhlal
Pranay Narayan – Insp Jamal
Tanmay Ranjan – DSP Ranveer Singh

Credits & Crew of Taanashah:
Director – Ritam Srivastav
Writers – Mukesh Srivastava, Akhilesh Jaisawal, Akhil Choudhary, Ritam Srivastava
DOP – Hari Nair, Sharan Velayudhan Nair
Editor – Prashant Naik, Abhishek Ranjan
Sound Designer – Rakesh Ranjan
Music Director – Pravesh Mallick
Casting Director – Parag Mehta
Art Direction – Shambhu Nath, Ritesh Jadhav
Production Designer – Jayant Deshmukh
Action Master – Hiralal Yadav
Costume Designers – Narendra Singh, Subodh Shrivastava, Khushboo Banerjee, Renuka Sharma
Post Production – After Play
Producers – Frame to Frame Ent. Pvt. Ltd. Malik Movies, Rizwan Ahmad, Rehan Ahmad
Released by Screenshot Media Entertainment Group