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Suno na, movie review

Ek nanhi awaaz


Suno na, movie review

Its nice to see debut of creative directors in bollywood and Amy Thanawala’s Suno Na – Ek Nanhi Aawaz is about a small town girl from Andhra Pradesh.

Anupama (Tara Sharma) is a small town innocent girl who becomes pregnant before marriage. Anupama, break up with her boyfriend when she becomes pregnant with his child. She is about to commit suicide, however, Anupama takes the brave step of deciding to keep the child against her family’s wishes. Suno na… review…

Anu now has a reason to live, so she moves to Mumbai with her friend Raina (Rinku Patel) and gets herself a job as a secretary in a firm.

Being pregnant, she starts hearing her unborn child talking to her, and she is excited, she chats with it every now and then. Unsure of whether it’s a boy or a girl, they call it ‘Sammy’, and even more exciting, is that Sammy is a good support to her in difficult times.

Now Sammy wants a father, and thus begins the adventurous journey of Anu and Sammy on the lookout for a father for the girl/boy. Sounds a little weird, but it’s the age of new age cinema.

We can say that there are some three candidates short listed for the ‘position’. Sounds more exciting. There is a musician HMV (Avinash Tiwari), Anu’s neigbhour, and also a middle class professor Dhruv (Dharmendra Gohil) and the third is Anu’s senior collegue in her office – Deepak (Makrand Shukla).

As the story of Suno na unfolds, the characters of these three likely guys develop, the conservative Tamilian guy Deepak chickens out, and HMV turns out to be a gay when his partner Mickey moves in with him. Dhruv, the most suitable guy has only one problem, he cannot accept the fact that Anu is carrying someone’s child without marrying the guy.
Time has come and Anupama is in labour and there is more dama at the hospital

‘Sammy’ turns out to be a girl, and here onwards the movie gets into a philosophical mode

Tara Sharma suits the role, as the expectant mom. A little amateurish at some moments as expected from her. Instead Rinku Patel has portrayed her character well, and other performance worth a mention is that of Avinash Tiwary. Rest of the cast is just okay.

The other actors could’ve done with better make-up, if there was any at all. Rinku Patel as Raina is quite a confident actor. Avinash Tiwary as H.M.V. is cute, but the other men are strictly OK.

Unfortunately, in Suno na… the film, instead of entertainment and its okay with a simple message, the attempt is to have multiple messages, which is at a disadvantage.

Cast of Suno na:
Anupama – Tara Sharma
Dhruv – Dharmendra Gohil
Hari Mohan Vasu – Avinash Tiwari
Raina – Rinku Patel
Deepak Narayan – Makrand Shukla
Dr. Rudra Sahani – Rajendra Chawla
Rajul Diwan
Jyoti Gauba

Credits & Crew of Suno na:
Director – Amy Thanawala
Producer – Amy Thanawala , Vasanti Mojidra
Written by – Amy Thanawala
Music Director – Sanjoy Chowdhary
Lyrics – Yogeshji
Suno na, movie review