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Soundtrack – movie review

Banao Sunao Bajao!


Soundtrack - movie review

If Beethoven were alive today- he’d be a DJ and this is would be his story! Soundtrack is the feature film directorial debut of Neerav Ghosh. Soundtrack movie review…

Raunak (Rajeev Khandelwal), a 26 year old from a small town in India comes to the maximum city, Mumbai, carrying just three things – a guitar, a pair of headphones and a dream.

Son of a musician, his dad’s dream was cut short by an untimely death. With the help of his late father’s friend, Surinder, he lands a job at “Tango Charlie” and proceeds to make it the city’s most rocking night club. He started to compose music by day and worked at Tango Charlie as a DJ by night.

There are DJs who play music, and there are DJs who play the crowds. Raunak is both. Charlie (Mohan Kapoor), the owner of the club becomes his patron and fan. He creates opportunities for concerts and introduces Raunak to Film makers looking for talent composers.

Saturday nights now have a whole new meaning for Raunak. His world is now one big drink-all-you-can-party-till-you-drop-binge. The edgy youngster is living his dream- a flashy lifestyle, a hot girlfriend – Shonali (Mrinalini Sharma), a bunch of friends as close as family, and a promising career as a music composer. It is really – HIS MIX.

Shonali was Raunak’s girlfriend, who was a high profile, stylish & a glamorous model. She was high maintenance and liked the good things in life, had a funky hair cut with a bright blue & purple color. She could take on any man but couldn’t handle Raunak’s dark side.

Anyway, when celebrated film maker Anurag Kashyap gives him the break to compose music in his forthcoming film, Raunak’s career is about to go into another orbit.

But life has other cards to hand him, and it does deal him an unplayable hand. He is diagnosed with a career threatening ailment, and his dreams are shattered. The ailment slowly, but surely leads him to become tone deaf.

For a musician, hearing is everything. He wants nothing but his music, and deserves everything but his silence. He ends up going into a very dark and lonely place.

In this depressed state and battling internal demons he meets his anti thesis Gauri – a beautiful, free spirited, bohemian girl full of joie de vivre. She is deaf and mute herself, but causes Raunak to look beyond his woes and find the good little things in life.

Gauri’s mother schooled her at home and grew up with absolute no shame of her disability. Mummy dear believes she is special, and she has an adventurous spirit & a great sense of humor. Gauri (Soha Ali Khan) runs a speech therapy center where Raunak learns to communicate again, and the light at the end of the dark tunnel slowly comes closer.

But there is still no music in his life. Or is there…
How can a deaf man make music?

The story of Soundtrack goes on to show how Raunak finds a solution to his hurdles, and how he uses his other senses to make music.

Rajeev Khandelwal with his outstanding acting completes his emotional journey by reaching out to his roots and digging deep into his soul. But will he be able to hear the crowds chanting his name as he gets on stage to perform his tribute concert?

CAST of Soundtrack:
Raunak – Rajeev Khandelwal
Shonali – Mrinalini Sharma
Gauri – Soha Ali Khan
Charlie – Mohan Kapoor
Surender – Yateen Karyaker
Anurag Kashyap
Manu Rishi
Ankur Tewari
Siddharath Coutto

Credits of Soundtrack:
Production Company – Saregama India Limited
Directed by Neerav Ghosh
Music Composed by Midival Punditz, Karsh Kale
Cinematography – Anshuman Mahaley
Film Editing – Sanjay Roderick, Ambar Vyas
Production Design – Saini S. Johray
Set Decoration – Nupur Joshi
Costume Design – Fabeha
Sound – Gandhar Mokashi
Lyrics – Khalid Alvi, Anand Bakshi, Dhruv Jagasia, Karsh Kale, Kailash Kher
Soundtrack – movie review