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Sirf – movie review

Life looks greener on the Other Side


Sirf, movie review

Like a lone highway at night, in life, we never know what awaits us next. Yet we keep living in the hope of a better tomorrow. Sirf, movie review…

We base all our happiness on one thing that is missing in our life, which we see in other’s lives. We feel that the possession of this one missing thing would mean the end of all our problems. We’ll never know if this missing thing lives up to our expectations. But one thing is for sure. In pursuit of this “one” missing thins, we often go to any extent to achieve it, thus complicating what could be a simple and blissful life.

Gaurav (Kay Kay Menon) and Devika (Manisha Koirala) belong to the cream of high society. They have everything one could wish for. Still they are not happy as their relationship lacks something, which even they fail to figure out.

Akash (Ranvir Shorey) and Namita (Sonali Kulkarni) are working couple belonging to the middle income group. They love each other but are unable to understand each other’s limitations. Seemingly, they are tied together by the bond they share with their child, who is suffering from a serious illness.

Amit (Parvin Dabas) and Suchita (Rituparna Sengupta) are an upper middle class couple with no financial problems. Amit is at a good position in an advertising agency, while Suchita is a housewife. They appear to be a loving couple however, since Suchitra is from a small town and her insecurities lead her to think that her husband is being unfaithful to her.

Rahul (Ankur Khanna) and Shalu (Nauheed Cyrusi) belong to the lower income group. For them, the biggest and most difficult task on earth is getting married and starting a new life together. They are desperately looking for a house in Mumbai so that they can start their married life

Manisha Koirala turns in a fairly decent performance. Kay Kay stands head over shoulders above the rest of the cast. Pravin Dabbas and Rituparna are barely competent enough but Sonali Kulkarni and Ranvir manage to create an impression.

On the face of it, Sirf has an interesting storyline. The director has begun well, but somewhere midway, he is unable to take it ahead, lack of new ideas. Else with such a talented starcast, it would have been a remarkable flick.

Sirf is a tongue in cheek look at the fast paced life of people in cities, big or small. Four stories get intertwined at one point which later culminates into one story and thankfully, the main thing in the movie is that there is no villain.

CAST of Sirf:
Gaurav – Kay Kay Menon
Devika – Manisha Koirala
Akash – Ranvir Shorey
Namita – Sonali Kulkarni
Amit – Parvin Dabas
Suchita – Rituparna Sengupta
Rahul – Ankur Khanna
Shalu – Nauheed Cyrusi

Credits of Sirf:
Banner – Seven Eagle Productions
Presenter – Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd.
Produced by – Sanjay Kotadia, Ghanshyam Patel, Kanu Patel
Directed by Rajatesh Nayyar (Rajaatesh Nayar)
Writing – Story and Screenplay: Rajatesh Nayyar, Shashikant Verma
Dialogues – Santosh Saroj
Original Music by Shibani Kashyap, Sohail Sen
Cinematography by Baba Azmi
Film Editing by Rajendra Surve
Creative Producer – R. Girrish
Lyrics – Mehboob, Vipul Saini
Story Writer – Rajaatesh Nayar, Shashikant Verma
Editor – Rajendra Surve
Music on Sony BMG
Publicity P.R.O. – R. R. Pathak

Crew / Credits of Sirf:
Executive Producer – Aakash Tiwari
Choreographer – Baba Yadav
Art Directors – Dipankar Mondal, Sreekumar Nair
Playback Singers – Vinod Rathod, Tarannum, Kunal Ganjawala, Shaan, Shreya Ghosal, Pamela Jain, Shibani Kashyap
Sirf, movie review