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SHOWBIZ – move review

The Dark Side of Fame...


SHOWBIZ, movie review

Exposes of ill doings of the media persons are still scarce in our movies. Maybe, the filmmakers feel condemning the press would invite bad reviews for the film. Mukesh Bhatt has taken a step in this direction with SHOWBIZ.

Bollywood has shown politicians, cops and other professionals as villains, then why not journalists now?

The Bhatt camp has dared to unmask a section of the media that indulges in foul play, exposing handful of unethical individuals in the media business. It’s a directorial debut of choreographer Raju Khan and Tushar Jalota and Mrinalini Sharma.

Rohan Arya (Tushar Jalota) a rising superstar seems to have it all. He has everything, anyone else would dream in life – a rising career, beautiful girlfriend and all other material things in life.

Initially, not a favorite with the media, with success he’s now a media darling, and then later on unfortunately becomes a victim of the team of media persons. It is this media which provides spicy page 3 type material of India’s glitz and glamour. They fulfill our appetite for gossip and revealing pics of our film stars. They are also termed as paparazzi – these chaps who never seem to sleep. Constantly on their heels, trailing the show biz elite all day and night. They are well equipped with high powered zoom lenses. In short, their ‘captured’ photos which make or break a career in the show biz industry.

The story of SHOWBIZ picks up when Rohan is on the lookout for Tara (Mrinalini Sharma) who is a prostitute. The paparazzi get a whiff, and then begin their unending trail. He becomes a target of a team of four paparazzi, who are bent on making him fodder for the news channels and when they stumble upon a sensitive nerve, all hell breaks loose. Nervous at being followed by the Paparazzi while driving his car at high speed trying to avoid them, which ends in a accident leaving Tara in coma. Next, its ‘Breaking News’ for the media – Rohan the star caught in a car with a prostitute. Rohan tries to seek revenge and that is all SHOWBIZ is all about.

All this spikes up Rohan and he sets out to seek revenge on the responsible people. What is the connection between Rohan and Tara? Rohan seeks vengeance. What connection does this prostitute have with Rohan?

Tushar Jalota in his first movie should work less hard in scenes that demand outburst, yet seems okay. Mrinalini Sharma has good looks and reminds us of Bipasha Basu in her initial days during many instances in the film. Lalit Pandit’s music is average. Cinematography is just about okay. Sushant Singh as the arch-villain lusciously negotiating with sundry channels is convincingly crooked. Saurabh Shukla, Sachin Khedekar and Amin Hajee are excellent. Gulshan Grover is perfect, Ehsaan Khan as the top cop is impressive and Delnaaz Paul is first-rate.

Inexperience of the director shows during the presentation and narration in this otherwise a good subject which could have been presented in a much better manner. First half seems impressive raising expectations however it has an abrupt ending, defying logic at many instances in this movie. It isn’t that one objects to media persons as villains… but here we have the electronic media barons and journos behaving like shameful filmy villains indulging in scheming, conniving and crude behavior.

Cast of SHOWBIZ:
Tushar Jalota
Mrinalini Sharma
Gulshan Grover
Delnaaz Paul
Sushant Singh
Sachin Khedekar
Amin Hajee
Saurabh Shukla
Ehsaan Khan

Banner: Vishesh Films
Producer Mukesh Bhatt
Director Raju Khan
Music Lalit Pandit
Lyrics Sayeed Qadri
SHOWBIZ, movie review