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A Road to nowhere


Sadak 2 movie review

Vishesh Films of the Bhatt camp has tried hard to recreate the original Sadak magic after almost three decades but they get lost on the way and hit a major road block with Sadak 2.

What is it that we are being told by the story that unfolds with many turns and hairpin bands. To make a potbolier it has to have many ingredients, which it definitely has. Sadak 2 has the suicidal taxi driver of Sadak (Sanjay Dutt- who looks rugged and apt for his under baked role) – and that is the only connection with the original Sadak. This taxi driver is now in a hurry to join his wife in heaven or wherever in a hurry and is even able to dislodge the bracket that holds the fan to stop him from committing suicide as his time has not come.

Atleast not yet as one last hurrah remains, he also senses and sometimes sees his dead wife who guides him (remember the dialogue ‘I see dead people’ from The 6th Sense?). And then we have the avenger (Alia – who tries hard but falls flat) a new age preacher who already has over a lakh followers but wants to start her journey from Mount Kailash. Don’t know what this Kailash penchant is for, it could be because the director wanted to show more of Sadak.

We also have a hero with a lost soul(Aditya Roy – wooden) and is as blank as can be, a fake Guru (Makrand Deshpande – only the histionics and his get up), a greedy father(Jisshu Sengupta- who is now getting popular on the OTT platform with Shakuntla Devi under his belt) with an irrational philosophy, a corrupt cop (Mohan Kapoor- not even worth mentioning) etc. etc.

Put them all together in a story and what do you get. Nothing whatsoever. The whole affair looked forced and convulted. It seems the director set out to something but messed up and ultimately ended with the message that one should beware of fake Babas (Godmen), that is now an old hat as people know and are smart enough to realise all this from the real life episodes with such mythical Babas. The lost soul just needs a chance to burst into a song even at the height of crisis.

No wonder the makers released Sadak 2 on OTT platform rather than wait for a full theatrical release, and it turned out to be a wise decision after the negative reviews it received online for its Trailer. Now there seems to be a penchant for the name Aarya as we have had a recent Web series of the name with Sushmita Sen playing the protagonist with aplomb but that cannot be said for the usually bubbly Alia who shares this screen name but is confused to act or not, it seems she is not convinced about the role herself.

Sanjay Dutt though looking the part, could have been given a better defined role. Apart from the usual going-ons, emphasis has also been given to theology, psychology, philosophy and religion for the ultimate strength. The music is contemporary and okay.

All in all, Sadak 2 is a Sadak that caved in.

– Review by PAWAN GUPTA

Sadak 2 Cast and Credits:
Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapur, Jishu Sengupta, Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt
Directed by Mahesh Bhatt
Produced & written by Mukesh Bhatt
Music by Sandeep Chowta
Cinematography by Jay Patel
Editor: Sandeep Kurup
Production company: Vishesh Films, Fox Star Studios
Distributed by Disney – Hotstar
Running time – 133 minutes

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