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Runway – movie review

Love amidst gunshots


Runway, movie review

Runway is an action thriller directed by Suneil and Praful Tiwari.

Allan (Amarjeet Shukla) is a desperate and angry man who will do anything for his girlfriend Melvina (Deepal Shaw). Melvina had unfortunately fallen prey to drug addiction and now is battling for life. She is being treated for drug addition and other complications raised their ugly head due to prolonged drug abuse. Runway movie review…

Allan wants her to live and wants to save her at any cost. He requires money for her treatment and takes the contract of killing the billionaire casino owner Victor who is in Mauritius. So Allan turns to contract killing to save his love Melvina

Then he lands in Mauritius with a hand on the trigger. He is on the lookout for the casino owner Victor. Allan goes wild in his pursuit and almost gets killed too as a contract killer is on his hunt. Unknown to Allan, this contract killer Khalid (Lucky Ali) has been assigned the task by the same person who has sent him to complete the task in Mauritius.
Mauritius is full of colourful characters like Shaina (Tulip Joshi), a dancer in the casino; Khalid (Lucky Ali), an assassin on Interpol’s wanted list and David (Shawar Ali), a casino owner.

On completing his task, he is about to check out of the hotel in Mauritius when he is shocked to see his passport and the briefcase missing. On top of this, he is attacked but manages to escape. He then phones his contact in India to explain the predicament he is in… and seek help.

He is informed to get in touch with a bar dancer Shaina, who would help him out of the mess and get out of the country. Shaina takes him to Lala who is a cab driver and also deals in arranging false passport for Allan to leave the country.

Allan breaks down and confides in Shaina about the real reason for him coming to Marutius. Shaina develops a soft corner for him. Then he gets the disheartening news of his sick girlfriend Melvina in India.
Allan is now completely broken. Shaina consoles him and helps in all the way.

As the story of Runway unfolds we find out if Allan and Shaina outsmart the smartest crooks around. How Allan and Shaina manage to escape the attacks from the ‘other contract’ killer forms the rest of the proceedings.

Music by Shamir Tandon is okay, with ‘Khuda Kay Liye’, which is a hit track.

As an actor, Amarjeet is just average, but he does well in action scenes. The cute Tulip Joshi is given less opportunity on screen, however she under-plays her part. The glamorous Deepal Shaw is wasted in this film. Shawar Ali and Sharat Saxena do their small bits well. Lucky Ali suits the negative character portrayed by him.

Runway doesn’t have anything new to offer, it’s just a on the run sort of action blended with a love story.

There is nothing to mention about the direction and the screenplay and a lackluster climax, which usually is anticipated to be high octane in such action flicks.

Cast of Runway:
Amarjeet Shukla
Tulip Joshi
Deepal Shaw
Lucky Ali
Shahwar Ali
Rauf Lala
Dayanand Shetty
Ishrat Ali
Sharat Saxena
Vida Samadzai

Credits & Crew of Runway:
Producer Rita J. Shukla
Director Suniel-Praful
Music Shamir Tandon
Writer Praful Tiwari
Lyrics Shabbir Ahmed
Cinematography Pathan Parvez Khan
Banner J 71 Studio
Runway, movie review