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ROY – Hindi movie review

A Thief. A Story. A Confession.


ROY - Hindi movie review

The subject is abstract and more so is the story telling of ROY.

This film is not for the masses, its for the pseudo-intellectuals, to be precise.

Debutant director Vikramjit Singh who is also the writer of this romantic thriller is innovative in his presentation of life and times of a successful yet quirky filmmaker.

A different approach in showing on screen, the moods, senses, sensitive moments and the dreams of a director while he is working on the story simultaneously directing the film.

We get a visual treat of colours, the locales, the actual depiction of thought process of a filmmaker, most often dubbed as arrogant and abnormal.

About the story, ROY is the creative portrayal of the sketch of a filmmaker who works on his own terms.

Kabir Grewal (Arjun Rampal) is a trend-setter film maker who has made ‘Guns’ and ‘Guns II’, which is the story of the protagonist in his films, an art thief called Roy.

Kabir flies off the Malaysia where he is working on the trilogy of Guns. The title is weird as there are no gun-fights or high octane action sequences.

The parallel track is that of the visualisation of Kabir, the director, about the infamous Roy (Ranbir Kapoor), a mysterious international Art thief who is working his way to commit the biggest heist in the history.

There weren’t any female leads in his earlier two films, but when Kabir meets a London based film maker Ayesha Aamir (Jacqueline Fernandez), he is so fascinated by her that instinctively he creates a female character who is the love interest of his fictional character Roy.

Ayesha is a a spunky and straight forward girl who too is shooting for her film in Malaysia. She is in the same hotel as that of Kabir.

Initially thinking of Kabir as rude, obnixious and arrogant, its Kabir’s charm that impresses Ayesha Aamir and she falls for him, and this gives more fodder to Kabir’s imagination as to how his fictional thief Roy too falls in love with the fictionally created character of this girl.

Roy is assigned to steal an expensive painting only to find that its owner is the beautiful Tia (Jacqueline Fernandez) who lives alone in a huge mansion. Roy manages to impresses Tia with his charm which bounces back on him and he too falls for Tia.

Anyhow, Roy manages to steal the painting, however his love for Tia makes him think otherwise.

The director has, at his leisure, shaped the story so much as at certain (maybe even more) instances, the viewer gets a sense of its lackadaisical and slow moving narration that it appears sluggish towards the end.

One peculiar trait of Kabir the director who writes his story and screenplay as per his whims and fancies is whenever he wants to proceed, he types his story on his typewriter with his stock of cigarettes and premium whiskey bottle as the main apparatus which would facilitate his thought process. And a moment where he tells Ayesha Aamir that he insists to have a drink with a company, else he fears that people around would term him an ‘alchohol
ic’ (Really?).

Like mentioned at the start of this review, the masses would stay away from this film. It is those who dream, romanticise in their dreams, in their thought process that would identify with the Casanovic Kabir Grewal.

Roy lacks the thrills – as shown in its first look and trailers and has an extremely lengthy run-time.

However an extra star for its Soul Touching Music.


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roy hindi movie review

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