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Ranbanka – Movie Review

The Warrior


Ranbanka – Movie Review

Ranbanka is a Rajasthani word which means a Warrior.  Manish Paul plays the warrior who stands up against the tyranny and treachery of Ravi Kishen who plays the local MLA’s brother. It is an action thriller is about a common man who is triggered to turn into a rebel.

The story is set in Mathura in North India, where till recently it was the rich and the powerful who would almost control the streets and the city with their might.

Rahul Sharma (Manish Paul) is an engineer who is just posted to Mathura. Rahul settles down in the Northern State with his beautiful wife Priya (Pooja Thakur) and their son Ayush (Avya Agarwal).

They are a happy family until one day the local MLA’s brother Raghav (Ravi Kishen) comes in their life. Raghav has terrorized the locals of Mathura, and he runs a parallel administration in the city, with most of the tenders awarded to his group.

Raghav’s prying eyes fall on Priya and he is desperate to get married to her no matter whether she is already married or has a son. He forces Priya to accept his proposal which, when reported to the Police escalates the tension further as the local Police Department is much under Raghav’s influence.

However Raghav’s brother, the upright MLA Prakash Singh (Rudra Kaushish) disapproves his younger brother’s behavior and lifestyle.

The Sharma family try an unsuccessful attempt to escape the city and then the goons go to the extent of murdering the engineer’s son, which completely devastates Rahul and Priya’s lives.

The revenge saga then begins, though lacking the intensity as such. Pooja Thakur is fine as the attractive mother, Manish Paul as an engineer is okay, however as the revenge seeking angry young man, he is misfit and one often feels pity for the boyish looking hero attempting hard to put on that avenging look or the fire on his face, which fails miserably.

As a Ranbanka (The warrior) he is “perfectly miscast”.

The film rests solely on Ravi Kishen who manages his negative character with panache and flair. Ravi has many noteworthy moments and thankfully he is not loud as he usually is in most of his recent Bollywood films.

Keshu Ramsay’s (of Ramsay Brother’s horror film makers of yesteryears fame) son Aryeman makes his directorial debut with this action thriller, which is an above average action thriller.

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Manish Paul as Rahul Sharma
Ravi Kishen as Raghav Singh
Pooja Thakur as Priya Sharma
Rudra Kaushish- MLA Prakash Singh
Avya Agarwal as Ayush Sharma
Avinash Dwivedi as Kantu (Raghav’s henchman)
Prakash Soni- Mama ji
Krishna Rana- Bhoola
Anita Sahgal


Presented by: Serene Films & Vintage
Produced By : Ajay Yadav, Dashrath Singh Rathore, SumanShukla
Co – Produced By :Umed Singh Rajpurohit
Directed By: Aryeman
DOP : Hanif Dhanshe
Story, Screenplay & Dialoques By :Shakir Ali
Editor – Komal Verma
Music Director – Sahil Rayyan
Background Score By: SahilRayyan
Social Media: Ice Media & Technologies (Arun Singh)
Costume: Khurafaati
Team Khurafaati – Anshul Garg, Manak Sehgal, Aastha Rawat, Sunny
Production Executive – Arun Sharma & Sanjay Paurash
Production Controller – Rustom Patel
Line Producer (Mathura)– Satish Agrawal
Production Manager – Monu, Raghav & Saif
Mixing and Sound Designer – Satish Poojary
Digital Colourist – Ranjit Patil
PR Consultant: The White Parrot
The White Parrot Team: RomanaRaz, Imran Raz and Rajiv Chopra.
Asst. DOP’s – Tariq Khan, Adil Bharde, M. Tayyab, M. Kaiser
Focus Puller – Saroj Kumar Sahoo
Assistant Directors – Raja Singh, Vishal Sharma, Sudeesh Kumar kanaujia
Associate directors – Raju Kulkarni & Brijesh Parashar
Chief Asst. Directors – Poonam Ramsay & Nandan Sankritayan
Creative Director – MukeshPandit
Recordist – Faisal Ali & Afsar Ali
Choreography by : Shafi Sheikh
Audiography By : Javed
Action Director : ParvezFazal Khan
Lyrics By :Tanveer Ghazi (Kanha Re Kanha & Holi Diwani), Salim Ashfee (Mar Jana Mainu Mar Jana), Arafat Mehmood (Garam masala)
Ranbanka – Movie Review

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