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Overtime – (Hindi Movie)

A struggling actress hoping to make it big in Bollywood


Film Review


Overtime is about a struggling actress and how she succumbs to the cruelty. This topic has been taken up in bollywood films before. What needs to be seen is whether director Ajay Yadav handles this issue with a fresh approach. Unfortunately he does not.

Ajay Yadav’s Overtime  is the story of a young aspiring film actress in Mumbai Khushi (Swati Sharma), who is experiencing the most trying time of her life – the struggling phase.

It is a bad world, and the hindi film industry is even awful. There are nothing like emotions or care for other human being. Especially that of the strugglers who live a dogs life.

So it is the same cruel world and ruthless people around her.

Now Khushi also has to survive and make ends meet. The simplest and effortless profession is that of flesh trade and she starts working as a high profile call girl.

Khushi comes across corrupt people, immoral ethics in this mean, bad world of sex-trade. There is a corrupt Aatre (Satish Kaushik), and then a big time builder Huda (Yashpal Sharma), who has an ambitious secretary Liza (Aarzoo Govitrikar). There is an architect who is openly a womanizer – Rajeev (Zakir Hussain), and a wily film co-coordinator Shankar (Vijay Raj).

The film portrays the inside lives of these people in Khushi’s life.

Stuck in the web of deceit of these opportunists, Khushi, holds on to her dream of becoming a successful Heroine and she struggles to keep her hope alive against all odds.

Then on is the question of whether she finally achieves what she wants. It remains to be seen what is in Khushi’s destiny.

It is just about an average film which is stuffed with continuity flaw in the storyline, amateurish situations and poor acting.

This is the best example of how such talented names are just wasted in this venture. There is no particular character which can be credited, and what we land up with is just mere wooden characters in th form of  Satish Kaushik, Yashpal Sharma, Zakir Hussain and Vijay Raaz.


Credits & Crew:

Banner: Serene Films
Producer and Director: Ajay Yadev
Music Director: Sehil Rehan
Singers: Javrd Ali, Ritu Pathak, Swaroop khan, Sahil Rehan
Lyricist: Arafat Mehmood
Story Writer: Ajay Yadev
Film Editor: Aseem Sinha
Cinematography: Mohsin khan
Dialouges: Saajan Aggarwal


Cast :

Swati Sharma as Khushi
Yashpal Sharma as Huda
Satish Kaushik as Aatre
Zakir hussain as Rajeev
Arzoo Govitrikar as Liza
Divya Dutta
Aryeman Ramsay
Amar upadhay
Munira Sheikh