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NH-8 Road to Nidhivan – Hindi movie review

A para-psychological Suspense-thriller



NH-8 Road to Nidhivan is a para-psychic – Suspense Thriller film directed by Munindra Gupta is about 4 amateur film makers who have been offered huge amount which cannot be refused. This large amount is offered to shoot a documentary on the myth surrounding Nidhivan in Uttar Pradesh.

The film is set against the backdrop of a road trip of four friends from Mumbai to Nidhivan, a place close to Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

Auroshikha Dey, Ravneet Kaur, Satyakaam Anand, Arjun Fauzdar play the foursome on a road trip to Mathura.
NH 8- Road to Nidhivan is written & directed by Munindra, Produced by Sunil Goel & Niharika Jha,
Editing by Prakash Jha lacks the crispiness and the DOP by Miles Rangaswamy appears tacky at several moments.

It would otherwise have been a gripping film which is inspired by true stories of the mysterious conception of Nidhivan, a place near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

Towards the end of the film, it is recorded by the characters while filming the documentary on this myth, several of residents of Mathura and nearabouts mentioned of some over enthusiastic group of students trying this out, and none of them could come back. Others, it is said had become blind, or even so shocked that they now lead a deaf-n-dumb’s life.

Though Munindra Gupta has tried hard, the film fails to keep the viewer engaged through the end, except at very few instances in the first half which appear to be somewhat scary.


Aurishka Dey as Radha
Satyakaam Anand as Sameer
Arjun Faujdaar as Rahul
Ravneet Kaur as Anu
Sawroopa Ghosh as Ayesha
Inspector – Jatin Das
Receptionist – Himani Verma
Lodge Manager – Sam Shah
Hotel Old Man – Pratik Rao
Waiter – Abhishek Shah
Extras – Juhi Singh, Seenu Shah, Shivam Dwidedi, Aashish Shingh

Banner – M.G.Films Garage Productions
Produced By- Sunil Goel, Niharika Jha
Written & Directed By -Munindra Gupta
Co-Producer- Munindr
Associate Director-Julee Jasmin
Backgroud Music- Debarpito
Director Of Photography- Mailsan Rangaswami
Art Director-Mukesh
Editor-Prakash Jha
Mixing Enigineer- M.Kasim Parvez
D.I Supervisor-Amit Shetty
Background Master Engineer- Alok Punjani
Vocals- Karan Kulkari, Ahan Shah, Debarpito
Didegridoo- Karan Kulkarni
Asst. Director- Kamlesh Yadav
Asst.Editor- Sai Raj
Sound Recording & Dubbing- Mahendra, Navneet Sigh
Additional Cameraman- Prince
Asst.Cameramen- Prashant Sachdev, Rajiv Govind, Wasim Khan, Rahul Tiwari, Firoz Khan
Camera Unit- Navneet Singh, Vivek Kumar, Aswani, Singhwasant, Satrughan Singh
Prodution Team – Aslam, Zubin Khan, Rashiq Khan, Raja Ram Kumant, Rajat
Costume Designer- Sangeet Kumar
Asst.Cost.Designer- John Mohammad, Mamta, Ujwall
Makeup- Razi
Hair Stylish- Nitin Sanni
Di Conormist- Gibu Daniel, Pranav Manna
Technical Support- Krishna Kumar.N
Edit Incharge- Amol Mane
Vfx- Nagraaj, Y.Durga Prasad, V.Ageshwar Rao, Abhishek Haterjee, B.J Ramanja, K.Chaitnya Kumar
Folly- Girish Singh
Sound Efects- Shantanu

NH-8 Road to Nidhivan – Hindi movie review

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