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Mummy Punjabi – movie review

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Mummy Punjabi - movie review

Mummy Punjabi is the ‘New Age Mother India’, with today’s grandeur, intensity, humour & emotions.

With the story rooted in Chandigarh, it is about a Punjabi urban mother balances tradition with her own value system.

The movie Mummy Punjabi brings to life her realistic vision of life, the joys, pleasures, as well as the social forces experienced by her and the family.

To begin with, it is a melodramatic film where the protagonist Baby Arora (Kirron Kher) finds her husband (Kanwaljit Singh) boring as she flirts with her childhood friend Mannu (Shroff) who still holds a flame for her.

But she keeps her sons (Viraf Patel and Sachin Sharma) on a tight leash whereas gives full freedom to her daughter.

Like any typical Indian mom, she wants a simple Indian girl as her daughter in law for one son, and wants an NRI doctor for the other. She is lucky and gets exactly what she wants for her sons.

After the weddings she realizes that her ‘bahus’ (both the daughter in laws) turn out to be just the opposite of what they pretended to be. Shaadi to ho gayi, you can do anything, so there is some crying and lamentation and some sessions of chitchat with her gossip-monger maid Munniya (Dutta).

It plays upon the uniqueness of her relationships with her husband and children, and her special relationship with a neighbor who admires her ‘completeness’.

Over the course of the film, her life comes a full circle as she reflects on her relationships, connecting with the hearts of all mothers, sons, daughters…

Mummy Punjabi is an avoidable film which preaches to love your parents, but warns you that daughter-in-laws are never what they pretend to be pre-marriage. Kirron Kher’s carries the film on shoulders who is the only reason to watch it… if you have plenty of free time.

Cast of Mummy Punjabi:
Kirron Kher – Mummy (Baby R. Arora)
Kanwaljit Singh – Rajinder Arora
Jackie Shroff – Kanwal Sandhu
Anju Mahendru – Kanwal’s Sister
Divya Dutta – Muniya – Maidservant
Viraf Patel – Dr. Arjun R. Arora
Sachin Sharma – Karan R. Arora
Simran Vaid – Simran R. Arora
Urwashi Gandhi – Jeena W. Puri
Michael Joseph – Sid
Freddy Daruwala – Sexy Sam
Kashif Khan – DJ Abraham
Gurdas Mann – Dancer / Singer
Satish Kaushik – Rajeev Bhalla
Rohit Roy – Salman Khan / Rahul Sharma

Credits of Mummy Punjabi:
Produced by Jenny Somal, Pammi Somal, Sonny Somal
Original Music by Aadesh Shrivastava
Directed by Pammi Somal
Written by Pammi Somal
Cinematography by Vivek
Film Editing by Pammi Somal
Mummy Punjabi – movie review