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Morning Walk – movie review

A refreshing walk


Morning Walk, movie review

Arup Dutta’s directorial debut Morning Walk is shot in Kolkata.

That one morning walk in Joymohan’s life changes it all… Morning Walk movie review…

Suffering a heart-attack one morning, on his birthday, Joymohan (Anupam Kher) a professor in Kolkata, realizes that he needs to spend more time with his family. This incident prompts him to move to Mumbai to be with his son (Rajit Kapoor), daughter-in-law Rita (Divya Dutta) and grand-daughter Gargi (Avika Gor) and mend broken bridges of the past.

His son and grand daughter Gargi are delighted, but his daughter-in-law Rita is somewhat uncomfortable having him with them..
It is during his “Morning Walk” that his life changes forever. He meets his once-upon-a-time-student and friend Neelima (Sharmila Tagore), a yoga teacher and now a mother of two, who carries with her a strange but surreal truth.

Neelima was a student of a college in Kolkata where Joymohan was a lecturer. They were in love but then separate for certain reasons and meet after years during a morning walk. Their paths cross one more time 27 years later, during a morning walk on the streets of Mumbai.

Neelima’s bright and beautiful daughter, Anjali (Nargis Bagheri), dreams of pursuing her doctorate in the USA, and is encouraged by her doting mother and boyfriend Ajay (Shayan Munshi), an upcoming singer who will go to any lengths to put a smile on her face.

Soumili Biswas and Tanmoy Sengupta play the young versions of Nilima and Joymohan respectively. Suman Ranganathan and little Avika Gor who plays the title role in the TV Serial Balika Vadhu, are also in the film.

Morning Walk is a beautiful and heart-tugging tale of two families who are so different from one another, yet connected through a special bond.

Anupam Kher is fine this time with his subtle expressions. Shayan Munshi and Nargis lend freshness to the film. Rajit Kapoor is an excellent actor and he takes acting to a different level. His spontaneity is fine and is intense in Morning Walk.

Sharmila Tagore is back. She could have been given a bigger role, yet whatever and whenever she is present, she is just adorable in her role.

The child artiste Avika Gor is gifted and she very perfectly does her piece well.
Joymohan and Neelima’s families live diverse lives, yet bond together by a truth which changes their lives in this touching tale.

Cast of Morning Walk:
Anupam Kher – Professor Joymohan
Sharmila Tagore – Neelima
Rajit Kapoor – Indra
Divya Dutta – Rita
Shayan Munshi – Ajay
Nargis Bagherri- Anjali
Avika Gor – Gargi
Soumili Biswas – Young Neelima
Tanmoy Sengupta – Young Joymohan

Credits & Crew of Morning Walk:
Presented by INOX Motion Pictures
Directed by Arup Dutta
Produced by Tapan Biswan
Co-Producer: Alok Tandon
Associate Producer: Utpal Acharya
Esecutive Producer: Anuradha Sharma
Music: jeet Gannguli
Lyrics: Nida Fazli, Sanjeev Tiwari, Dibbendu Mukherjee, Shaan (Asmaan Choona Nahin..)
Editor: Sanjay Sankla
Choreographer: Naimesh Brahmabhatt
Director of Photography: Chandan Goswami
Production Designer: Atin Chakraborty
Screenplay and Dialogues: Rohit G. Banawlikar
Story Writer: Arup Dutta
Publicity Design: Epigram
Visual Effects: Future Works
Music on: T-Series
Morning Walk, movie review